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Women's Plus Size Clothing - About Us | ComfortinFashion.com

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Plus Size Clothing
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About Comfort in Fashion for Women's Plus Size Clothing

Comfort in Fashion was conceived in 2005 after years of designing women’s plus size clothing for Headley Studio, Inc.  I spent many years listening to plus size womens frustrations and dreams.  I adjusted the plus size patterns until I perfected the right fit.  It was only in 2006 I began developing women’s plus size 4x and 5x.  I discovered grading after plus size 1x, 2x and 3x was not simple.  At first, I studied other companies plus size charts; however I found most plus size stores were sizing smaller.

I decided to measure real 4x and 5x plus size bodies.  Then I made sample tops, blouses and pants.  It was a great experience.  I met so many interesting plus women who became my clothing size mentors.  They gave me tips where to increase and gather!  I think I finally got my plus size patterns right.  However learning and adjusting never ends -- it’s a continuous education.

As I developed my craft at manufacturing women’s plus size clothing I found I really love to design fabric and plus the printing process.  In fact, my mother first introduced me to batik when I was 15.  She gave me a craft article on “How to Batik at Home”.  I made her a Madonna and Child batik painting.  To my surprise, I won 3rd place in an art competition!  During college,  I took a batik course in New York City.  My love for fabric, color and design has never left me. 

Today, I work with several small home dyers.  It is a completely hands-on process.  We make our own copper stamps and print screens.  We use the sun to dry and rain water to wash.  Plus, most importantly we don’t consume energy. 

I understand the challenges of plus size living because I love my sister and she too is generous.  I believe any woman of any size should have choices in size, fit, color, fabric and design.  It is our goal to offer to you comfortable living in plus size clothing.  And now you know my “secret”!

Please call our free number 1888-588-0577, or email us at: customerservice@comfortinfashion.com

Comfort in Fashion may ship to you as Fashion Fulfillment.
Best of Living!  Stephen

Comfort in Fashion manufactures plus size clothing in rayon, viscose, cotton, silk, linen and lycra.

The rayon Comfort in Fashions uses is a fiber composed of regenerated cellulose, derived from purified wood pulp or other vegetable matter.  Because this fiber is organic our rayon is comfy to wear as plus size clothing.  In fact due to these properties it drapes and dyes exceedingly well.

Historically the name rayon was created in 1924. However before this date rayon was called artificial silk or wood silk. Rayon is probably the most misunderstood of all fibers. It is not a natural fiber, yet it is not synthetic. As an inexpensive fiber, rayon has often been used in low-end, poorly constructed garments that have tarnished its reputation. The two major types of rayon, regular viscose and high wet modulus or polynosic, have created further confusion. Although rayon can look like wool, silk, cotton, or linen and is a manufactured fiber like polyester, this does not mean it behaves like or has the same properties or care requirements of these fibers. Rayon is a fiber unto itself. Our viscose fabrics have a silky to matte luster with an elegant flowing drape. The natural effect of the colors gives our plus size clothing an attractive look.

Our cotton is a natural fiber that is harvested from the cotton plant. The fibers are typically 1/2 inch to 2 inches long. The longest staple fibers, longer than 1 1/2 inch, including the Pima and Egyptian varieties, produce the highest quality cotton fabrics.
There are four main types of cotton: American Upland, Egyptian, Sea Island and Asiatic. The flowers from which these different types of cotton are obtained vary in color and texture, thus providing each type of cotton with varying characteristics. Cotton, in general, is very elastic. It can withstand high temperatures, has high wash ability and is very susceptible to dyes. CIF mainly uses Asiatic cotton for its plus size clothing for women.

Our silk is a natural fiber produced by the silkworm in the construction of its cocoon. Most silk is collected from cultivated worms; Tussah silk, or wild silk, is a thicker, shorter fiber produced by worms in their natural habitat. All silk comes from Asia, primarily China. It is soft and has a brilliant sheen. It is one of the finest textiles. It is also very strong and absorbent.  It’s perfect for making plus size clothing for women.

Our linen is a natural fabric made from linen fibers obtained from inside the woody stem of the flax plant. Linen fibers are much stronger and more lustrous than cotton. Linen fabrics are very cool and absorbent, but wrinkle very easily, unless blended with manufactured fibers. Some of our linens will have a rayon blend for to ease the wrinkles and for travel.  Many of our plus size women love this fabric for their clothes.


Most of the rayon and silk fabrics are original Comfort in Fashion batik designs. We start by making a drawing a design pattern. The line drawing is given to a craftsman who creates a stamp from copper (called a cap) for Comfort in Fashion. Once approved several samples of the design are created in different color combinations. A wax is carefully applied to the fabric using a cap or when we are working with silk a pen (called a canting). The cloth is then immersed in dye. The waxed area on the cloth resists the dye. The wax is removed from the cloth by boiling. The finished fabric is laid out on the ground to dry and rolled on flat tubes and delivered to the sewer for cutting.

To learn more about batik fabric cut and paste this link: http://www.batikguild.org.uk/index.asp


We like to keep a record of our previous women plus size clothing designs. If you would like to see what were up to before please go to this address: Previous CIF Plus Size Clothing

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A leader in women’s plus size clothing especially women’s separates since 2006, COMFORT IN FASHION (CIF) designs curvy women’s clothing for all seasons. CIF initially introduced women’s swimsuit covers and big shirts. Due to plus size clothing demand CIF soon offered women’s evening jackets, signature separates and tunics. Early in 2007 Comfort In Fashion created its Professional Work and Dressy Separate Collections for plus size women over 40 and 50. In 2008, CIF expanded its plus size clothing to include plus size 5x (38/40). Then in 2009, CIF hired a clothing design team to introduce additional business kimono style jacket separates for a growing middle age. Today CIF, specializes in 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x women’s clothing for casual, work and special occasions.

Comfort in Fashion offers women's plus size tops, blouses, shirts, plus size pants, skirts, plus size clothing for special occasions.
Shop for plus size 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. Women's plus size clothing that is comfy and classic.
We ship in USA, Canada and Europe and Australia.
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