Personalize Your Wardrobe with Casual Plus Size Clothing

January 5th, 2011 by Lisa Metcalf

I’ve always believed that a woman’s wardrobe should express something about her personality.  Outgoing women tend to wear more dramatic prints and brighter colors.  I also have some more reserved girlfriends who prefer a more subdued look with darker colors.  And both groups manage to look fantastic, because they personalize their wardrobes with the perfect casual plus size clothing for them.

I think I fall somewhere in the middle of the outgoing and the reserved.  So I like to have both kinds of outfit in my closet and be able to choose depending on the day and my mood.  I recently picked up an awesome tunic top with a fun green color.  It’s light and comfortable on warm days.  The bright green is great with white slacks.

Of course, there are days when I want a simple, dark outfit that won’t stand out.  But I still want to look great!  That’s why I got a beautiful brown button up blouse with a stylish tan print.  It’s a little dressier than what I usually wear out and about, but the color is perfect and I love the way it fits.  It always makes me happy to open my closet and find casual plus size clothing that’s perfect for me and my personality.

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The Modern Design of Casual Plus Size Clothing

January 5th, 2011 by Lisa Metcalf

Over the course of the last 20 years or so, the plus size clothing market has exploded.  Girls and teens who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends can shop for popular styles in plus sizes.  Young, professional women can find office plus size clothing to look great on the job and stylish casual wear and dresses for evenings out on the town.  Middle aged women who used to be held back by their minimal clothing options are now able to shop for top quality fashions they love.  Most of these changes have been thanks to pioneering fashion designers who have worked hard to bring the latest fashions to women of size.

Younger women have been focused on the most by modern fashion designers as they represent a large part of the plus size market.  But, for many years, middle age plus size clothing for women was still hard to find.  Many ladies found that department stores had plenty of options in what might be considered “normal: sizes, but once clothing got above size 10 or 12, it was much less stylish.

The most noticeable flaw in the casual plus size clothing of years past was that it was totally formless.  Instead of creating form fitting designs that would show off a woman’s curves, designers ignored the strengths of plus size women’s bodies and made clothing tent-like.  These looked awful and did nothing to boost a woman’s self esteem and personal image.

Modern designers have taken mature plus size clothing for women to a whole new level of style.  They are using designs that fit a women’s beautiful curves without drawing too much attention to problem areas.  For example, they are designing blouses with flattering necklines and roomy sleeves that are both comfortable and gorgeous.  If you haven’t done so yet, you should definitely take a look at modern designers and the middle age plus size clothing for women they offer at online stores.

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Shopping for Casual Plus Size Clothing Online

December 24th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

Lots of women are shopping for their casual plus size clothing online.  There is no denying the fact that online stores have way more options for large women.  You can find stylish separates, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and more.  Shopping is so easy online; you can do everything right from the comfort of your own home.

Where most women seem to run into trouble is shipping costs and return policies.  These are things that are a little different from the typical shopping experience in a brick and mortar store.  Use this brief guide to help you make an online purchase of middle age plus size clothing for women as easily as possible.

Shipping Costs

Online retailers charge their customers shipping and handling charges to cover the expense of getting their products from the warehouse to your home.  Every website seems to handle shipping charges differently.  Be sure to check out their store policy; most retailers have a link to their shipping and handling policies right on the home page.

You may be able to get a discount on your shipping in some situations.  For example, some stores offer special sales on their shipping from time to time.  Other retailers provide free shipping to customers who make an order over a certain dollar amount.

Return Policies

Returning clothing you bought from an online store is a little different from returning things to a local store.  You should receive a return slip in your package with a shipping label you can use if you need to return anything.  Be sure to package your clothing carefully and use this label if you send items back.

Many online stores charge restocking fees to their customers.  These fees cover the costs of putting the items back into their regular stock and may include warehouse fees.  Every store is different and so are the restocking charges each retailer charges.

Remember that you can always contact the store about questions on shipping or returns.  Most online retailers are easy to get in touch with over the phone or through email.  Before you order anything, take some time to review the store policies so you are clear on what charges to expect.  That way you can take the stress out of shopping for casual plus size clothing online.

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Formal Plus Size Clothing for New Year’s

December 24th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

Christmas is here and New Year’s is coming up fast.  I’ve had my outfit for my Christmas party ready for a while.  But now I’m trying to decide what to wear to the New Year’s Eve party I was invited to.  It’s a formal event with dinner and dancing, so I want to look great but be comfortable enough to mingle and dance.

I’ve decided to go with a black pant and a formal separate, but I’m not sure which yet.  I have one plus size jacket that looks fantastic.  It is red with a black print and black trim.  But I recently got a blue jacket that is just as nice, and I think I have the perfect jewelry and purse to match it.  I probably won’t decide until the last minute, I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

One thing is for sure, it’s nice to have too many options in middle age plus size clothing for women.  Times have changed a lot from years past when I couldn’t find anything nice to wear.  Mature plus size clothing for women of all shapes and sizes is finally easy to buy online.  What are your favorite styles of formal wear?  And what do you plan on wearing this New Year’s?

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Putting Together a Great Winter Wardrobe with Casual Plus Size Clothing

December 17th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

I have always loved my winter wardrobe.  I get to create gorgeous layered outfits with scarves, gloves, sweaters, coats, and hats.  There are so many great options available to plus size women, so there’s no reason why you can’t put together your ideal winter wardrobe.  Casual plus size clothing is easy to shop for online and you are sure to find exactly what you want.  Here are some winter essentials you can use to stay warm and look fantastic this season.

Plus Size Coats

Your wardrobe has to, above all, keep you warm during those frigid winter days when the thermometer dips below freezing.  There are many options for winter coats, but this year my favorite is the Duffle Coat.  I like that they come in a variety of lengths, so I can get a couple different ones that will fit a variety of outfits.  Most Duffle Coats feature a warm hood as well.

Of course, there are many different styles of plus size coats to choose from.  I usually opt for a lined trench coat for wearing to work.  Leather coats are perfect if you want to create a dressier, more elegant style.  When shopping for a coat, remember to compare cuts and lengths to find one that will fit your style and body shape.


A warm pair of boots is a must have during winter.  You want to keep your feet warm and dry, and a nice pair of calf boots is just the way to do it.  I recommend getting calf boots, since that height will keep you warm and is versatile enough to go with lots of different outfits.  Plus they will still look great during the spring.

Some women prefer knee high boots, and they can look great with certain outfits.  When you shop for boots, choose versatile colors like black, grey, and brown.  That way you will be able to use your boots with many different outfits.  If you live in an area with especially wet winters, make sure you get boots that are waterproof and will keep you dry.

You will likely find that local stores have very limited selections of middle age plus size clothing for women.  For that reason more and more women are shopping online instead.  Internet retailers of casual plus size clothing have tons of options for your winter wardrobe in a variety of sizes.

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Winter Styles for Office Plus Size Clothing

December 17th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

It seems that I have the same dilemma every winter, trying to decide what to wear to the office.  It’s usually cold in the morning and I want to wear something really warm.  But then I get to work and I’m uncomfortable all day because my outfit is too heavy.  I’ve realized I need to take some more time to plan out my outfits.  And that layering is the key.

You have to layer your office plus size clothing so that you are warm when you’re out in the cold but can stay comfortable at work.  So I use separates like light jackets and sweaters to make a stylish, professional outfit.  And when it gets too warm in the office, I can just remove one layer without feeling uncomfortable.  Then I bundle up again on the way home – it’s cold out there!

I recommend using middle age plus size clothing for women in stylish layers to create the perfect professional wardrobe.  Wearing nice separates over a simple tank top or blouse always looks nice in the office.  My favorite style is a button up blouse over a tank; I can leave it open on warm days, button it up when it gets chilly, and it’s easy to add a sweater when I have to go out in the cold.

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Passing Trends Vs. Classic and Casual Plus Size Clothing

December 13th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

There are lots of websites offering the latest trends in plus size women’s clothing.  This is a recent development, and it is great news for ladies who want to keep up with modern styles and stay in vogue.  But fashion trends are constantly coming in and out of style, while classic styles of mature plus size clothing for women look fantastic year after year.  So when you’re shopping, how can you sort through the trendy and the classic?

A lot of stores are featuring skinny jeans, leggings, and jeggings.  These popular styles are quite the trend right now, and look great on many plus size women.  But they do not coordinate as well with classic separates and casual plus size clothing for middle age women.  A classic and comfortable pant that is versatile and matches great with lots of different tops is ideal for the casual woman.

Remember to keep your eyes open for classic designs when you shop for casual plus size clothing.  Comfort in Fashions features many stylish, comfortable designs that look fantastic year round.  By building your wardrobe around classic middle age plus size clothing for women that looks and feels great, you will be able to put together nice outfits in both casual and formal settings.

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How to Take the Stress Out of Shopping for Casual Plus Size Clothing

December 13th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

Many women find that shopping for casual plus size clothing takes a lot of time and patience.  Most department stores have very limited options in plus sizes.  You may be able to find boutique stores that cater more to plus size women, but their prices are often out of the average person’s price range.

The situation leaves a lot of women frustrated with the entire idea of shopping for clothing.  A lot of ladies are now shopping online, but not everyone feels comfortable with Internet shopping.  Here are some suggestions for taking the stress out of your shopping experience.

Find Stores that Cater to You

There are many online retailers of plus size clothing, and many of them cater to specific niches.  To make shopping less stressful and to find the styles you want fast, find a store whose designs match you.  For instance, you won’t find a lot of options for middle age plus size clothing for women on a site that sells trendy fashions for teens.

Check the Sizing Chart

Sizing can be very difficult for curvy women.  Everyone’s body is different and designers do not all use the same size patterns when creating their garments.  If you take your measurements and compare them with the sizing charts from online stores, you will be able to choose the right size.

Contact Customer Service

Remember that online retailers want to help you find exactly what you want.  Just like you wouldn’t hesitate to ask a clerk or salesperson for help in a local clothing store, don’t shy away from contacting the customer service department of an online store if you have any questions.

Comfort in Fashion is happy to assist customers with their orders and any questions they have about their styles of casual plus size clothing.  You can get in touch with the customer service department by phone, email, or live chat right on the website.

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Separates Help You Create Casual Plus Size Clothing Outfits

December 6th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

Women everywhere are happy to see the move towards acceptance and celebration of plus size fashion.  Research proves that sales are way up for plus size clothing.  Though plus size clothing is reported as only counting for 18% of the total market, it seems like that trend is over.  If you are heading out to get some new outfits, use these tips to choose separates that will give you a varied and beautiful wardrobe.

It is best to choose versatile casual plus size clothing that can be used for casual, dressy, and formal outfits.  One example is a button up blouse; you can wear it closed with a jacket over it, or open over a simple tank top.  Tunic jackets look fantastic with a casual outfit too.  They come in open front, pull over, button up, and tie front designs.

Casual plus size clothing separates are light and comfortable.  They go with lots of other designs.  Choose colors and prints that will match both light and dark outfits.  That way you can wear them year round.  If you can’t find anything you like in local stores, check out the selection of separates online.  Lots of designers operate online retail stores that cater to women of size.

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How Casual Plus Size Clothing Fits into the Fashion Industry

December 6th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

We all know that the grand majority of models taking to the runway in the newest designer fashions do not represent the average woman.  They are lean, mean, propaganda machines, making women everywhere feel uncomfortable about the way they look.  But, in reality, clothing designers really ought to be giving more attention to plus size women.

Although some recent newspaper articles have claimed that casual plus size clothing only represents less than 20% of the total market share of clothing sales, taking a closer look proves that curvy gals everywhere are doing more shopping than that.

Modern Designers Meeting Women’s Needs

The truth is that women want clothing that fit well, show off their curves, and make them feel great.  For a long time (and sadly even now), many clothing designers created their plus size clothing lines by sizing out their standard size 8 into larger measurements.  This was not the right way to go about designing plus size clothing.  As women get larger, their body shapes change.  And that means that designers have to go back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, a lot of modern designers have figured this out, and are offering casual plus size clothing designed for big women.  Instead of simply extending smaller sizes, they have taken a look at women’s body shapes and created clothing that fits well.  These designers are now enjoying high sales, since they have finally created the fashions that plus size women have wanted for so many years.

The Modern Clothing Industry

According to industry analysts, plus size clothing sales came in at $42 billion in 2009 alone.  That means that the market share for plus size clothing is 54% of clothing sales.  That’s a huge percentage.  Clearly women want to shop for casual plus size clothing from new designers willing to create styles just for them.

The Internet has become the modern haven for curvy women shopping for stylish outfits.  Online shopping is easy.  You can review sizing charts before you buy, and have your items shipped straight to your door.

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