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August 23rd, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

When you place your first order with us you will receive 15% off your entire order.  Enter the code:  goodgoing  and SAVE.


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My Summer Plus Size Clothing: What I did or not …

August 12th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

This was a pretty odd Summer. I got myself ready by saving my Christmas money to use towards some great women’s plus size clothes. I found a discounted plus size top at (of all places) Lord & Taylor. Beautiful. I would say it is a caftan but with some elegance. It has a plunging V-neckline and bat-wing sleeves. I love the color: turquoise. I thought this would be perfect for a spontaneous invite out to dinner or BBQ at a neighbor’s house. I wore it once to church. The BBQ invite came but it rained ALL wk-end. (I was not going to wear it around the house and put on the home cooking show!)

Full Tunic Jacket in Viscose


I spent money on a silk long sleeve blouse I found at Evans (an online store in UK).  The larger sized women’s top was the right look I wanted for a July wedding in Texas. I searched all over the internet but I could not find a 3x with a button down shirt with a collar and long sleeves with a button cuff. So I paid the international shipping charges. I loved it but it did not go with the skirt I was intending to coordinate it with. I thought I knew color. I was totally off on this one. It did not go unworn. We had a fundraiser at our local fire department and I wore it to the benefit cocktail party.

3/4 Sleeve Top with V-Neck in Viscose

My other Summer purchases were a cotton tee, a jersey elbow scoop neck and a light tunic jacket that I wore with a light tank. These I wore a lot. In fact, I found out that I really like a blend of cotton with a bit of lycra or polyester. It holds the cotton together nicely. In fact, I found it much easier to wash and dry.

Dramatic Scoop with Neckline Details

Now its almost the end of Summer and I wondering if any of these will transition into Fall or at least a well deserve vacation in February!

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Is it possible to find comfort in plus size clothing?

July 19th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf
Of course you can look fashionable and relaxed at the same time, but you have to make the right choices and find the right designs.Comfortable women’s plus size clothing begins with the choice of fabrics.  Cotton or jersey cotton with 10% spandex will not stick to you when the temperatures get really hot and humid. 

Luckily, comfortable women’s plus size clothing no longer means oversize tee-shirts or baggy tops.  You have lots of choice with many stylish pieces in trendy, popular colours, thanks to the very talented designers available today.  Whether you are looking for an elegant dress or casual tunic or caftan, the selections today are amazing.

Naturally, sleeveless or open shoulders provide an easy feel while being fun and very stylish.  When you do want to sport sleeves, look for a fit that is wider at the arm muscle for easy wear.  A flared or bell shaped sleeve are also excellent selections and dropped shoulders ensure ease of movement.

If a piece of plus size clothing is flowing and not clingy it is going to be perfect for warm weather comfort.  In addition, the cleaning care is important.  If an item is machine washable and either machine or line dryable, you are going to love to wear it often.

Keep necklines in mind as well when selecting pieces.  Especially in Summer months, a V-neck, scoop or open neck will be the right choices to keep you nice and cool and you can enjoy total freedom of movement in a relaxed fit style as well as being able to make it easy for on/off.  Lastly when shopping for comfortable women’s plus size clothing dresses, choose one that falls at least to the knee look for armholes that are well shaped for ease of movement.

Have you found any comfy plus size dresses in the last 6 months?  Love to know.

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I am sick of MY style of clothing!

July 15th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

I am sick of my look! I am sick of my clothing! What you can do to freshen up your look?

Please don’t think that in order to enhance your plus size wardrobe or update your look, you have to spend lots of money or buy really cheap clothes. Just make minor adjustments to your clothes and accessories. If there is a need to make purchases, visit where you can shop for women’s plus size clothing and freshen up your wardrobe for less and add some great plus size clothing pieces! Your wardrobe plan should start with throwing out everything that is 10 years or older.

Another easy way to update your plus size look is to use accessories. Inexpensive, trendy jewelry and shoes can totally enhance your look without breaking your budget. You can also recreate your jewelry. For example, take your long necklaces and double them up. Then tie a pretty ribbon on the ends, creating a newer, chunkier version of your old necklace. This will instantly jazz up your outfit. Or push up your sleeves and add bracelets.

Mix & match to create new plus size clothing combinations. If you always tend to wear the same women’s plus size clothing, try taking these few easy pieces to mix and match for great style – for example a pair of black pants, a pretty dress, a colorful tunic top and a great jacket can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. Other must-haves for mix and match are a blouse, a skirt, a pair of jeans, and a solid color tee shirt.  With this list you have the foundation of a great plus size wardrobe.

When you invest in classic shapes and colors, you can also enjoy more than one season’s wear from your women’s plus size clothing and by layering, you get a new look that is very versatile.  Another reason to buy solid color tops is you can add a bright scarf or a chunky necklace for a fun stylish look that will take you from daytime activities to special nights out.  Try taking your long necklaces and double them up to jazz up your outfit.

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What my Girlfriend wore to her blind date:

June 30th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Wow – blind dates can be so nerve-racking! My friend Janet is a big size gal, but she knows the latest styles everyone sees on the fashion pages can also look good on a full figure as well.
Her secret is to only wear pieces that make her feel attractive and it always shows. Janet takes her plus size clothing and presents it in a way that looks great and her confidence shows through.
She thinks that no girl should ever change her look for a guy but on a blind date, you have no idea of what he likes so see on a lady, so the trick is to keep it simple with a hint of playfulness. In other words, dress for yourself, but polished and composed and still fun.
For plus size women’s clothing, Janet’s go-to designer is Comfort in Fashion. Their casual clothing pieces are so flexible, they can be mixed or matched to present an elegant image or can be right for casual occasions as well.
For a recent blind date, Janet had no idea of where the date would be and where they were going. Her blind date thought it was a good plan to “surprise” her.
(NOTE TO MEN: Women love surprises such as gifts of jewelry, flowers, perfume, etc., but the first thing a woman wants to know when she is going out is “What should I wear?”)
So Janet looked at her wardrobe and put together what I think is the perfect blind date outfit. She started with a blank page and tried to cover all the bases – casual, dressy, indoor, outside, fun but elegant ….
Here is what she created to cover any eventuality. Starting with the black “Right Fit in Cotton” pants she could be casual but still dressy with the front pleats. This also took care of the inside or outside question.
Next she added the white “Basic Classic Front Button” with a black collar as this style top is right for any occasion. For a finishing touch Janet added her most versatile piece – the “Sunset Silk” scarf that also doubles as a shawl. This added real pizzazz and color to her look.
Janet was ready to go and she felt fabulous in her women’s plus size clothing because she knew her outfit would suit any location or occasion and she could concentrate on being herself and not worry about being dressed appropriately!

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Coupons : Good Going

June 30th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Aahhh!!  … Summer is finally here and to celebrate, you can get your first order of women’s plus size clothing from Comfort in Fashion at 15% OFF.

So that you can shop now for your summer plus size clothing in sizes up to 5X and get comfortable outfits, just use the coupon code “GOODGOING”.  Style is the important distinction you will enjoy at Comfort in Fashion. The designers are unsurpassed in women’s plus size clothing.  From their attention to detail to the choice of comfortable and easy care fabrics put them a cut above the rest of retailers that you find online.

The black tunic jersey dress above is a perfect example.  In 100% jersey that is washable it is so versatile and can be accessorized with jewelry, a scarf or a shawl to make different dramatic looks.  Dressy or casual, this cool sleeveless black dress can be the anchor piece for your plus size clothing wardrobe this summer.

While the overall look is simple and elegant, look closely at the detail work in the draping from the shoulder, the relaxed open collar and the strategic fabric gathering at the hip.  These are the type of elements that sets the Comfort in Fashion women’s plus size clothing apart from other manufacturers.  You will find all the items in the Summer Line feature elements that make them special and help you Live Life Large fashionably. is also happy to provide wholesale discounts to business customers. 

For more information about opening a plus size clothing Wholesale Account with Comfort in Fashion, just visit and click on the Wholesale Program Information. Then all you do is fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and the staff will contact you with additional information on the Wholesale Program and help you place your first order.

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In the Cloud: Plus Size Clothing Tunic

June 24th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

No need for big explanations on this fantastic piece …. The Word Cloud says it all …..

Our featured top is a plus size clothing tunic in a flattering length that can be casual or dressy at any time of the night or day.   It has a simple flattering V neck style, but with this year’s trendy paisley pattern. The word ‘paisley’ is world famous as the name of the teardrop or tadpole shape pattern, seen on everything this season from haute couture to a wide range of everyday domestic items. Paisley is a great fabric for year round wear… it is a little pattern that adds interest to any outfit.

This great ¾ sleeve tunic with push-up elasticized sleeves can easily transition from work to weeknight events in any women’s plus size clothing wardrobe. Have you got a ‘how to dress smart casual dilemma’? For the executive woman who is in a business with a casual dress code this tunic is perfect.  Or you can dress it up with some jewelry for a version of smart casual.  It’s also great way to dress down a pair of dress pants and will make a great top layer during warmer summer months. Sharpen up a day in denim by pairing the top for a gorgeous smart casual style with jeans.

This stylish summer tunic will go with everything … shorts, skirts or trousers.  If comfort in plus size clothing is key, this is it!  In 100% cotton, this lovely piece is machine washable and dryable.

We think you will become so obsessed with this new women’s plus size clothing summer tunic that you won’t be able to imagine putting it in storage in the fall – relax, you can layer it with a turtleneck and carry on enjoying it into the cooler weather.


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Plus Size Clothing for Beach Weddings

June 6th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

June has long been a traditional month for weddings, so this is a great time to have a look at your formal wardrobe. Could you use a new plus size clothing outfit for an upcoming wedding? What if you’ve been invited to a destination wedding on a warm, sandy beach? How can you put together an elegant outfit that is both formal enough for the event but also appropriate for the beach? Fortunately, there are lots of modern womens plus size clothing options to choose from.

Keep It Cool and Light

Even in a shady kiosk built on the beach for a wedding ceremony, things can get very warm under the summer sun. Plan ahead for your own comfort with a cool and light outfit. You can find many elegant blouses and skirts in light cotton blends that breathe well and will not turn a beautiful wedding at the beach into your own personal sauna.

Sleeveless and flared sleeve tops are ideal since they will keep your arms cool. Choose low necklines for an elegant, stylish look that will also be much more comfortable than other outfits.

Plus Size Clothing for a Beach Wedding

Bright Beach Colors

Many people equate dark colors with formal attire, such as black and navy blue. For a beach wedding, however, you need to stick to bright colors. Remember that part of the fun of a beach wedding is making what is typically a very formal event and putting it in an extremely informal location. So go with the flow by using coral, chartreuse, lavender, and other bright colors that will make you look fantastic while also fitting in perfectly with the setting and feel of the event.

Bright Womens Plus Size Clothing

Shop online for your plus size clothing in order to find the best options when putting together your beach wedding ensemble. You can get lovely womens plus size clothing that will fit you perfectly and match the unique setting of the wedding.


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Cool Plus Size Clothing in the Summer Sun

May 21st, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Summer is a lovely time of year when you can get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The sunshine certainly is beautiful, but there is no denying that it can get quite warm under the sun as well. When you are preparing your plus size clothing wardrobe for this summer, be sure to fill it with lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable all season long. The following suggestions can help you stay stylish without overheating even on the warmest summer day.

Summer Plus Size Clothing

Lightweight and breathable fabrics are by far your best choices for summer plus size clothing fabrics. Synthetics will trap your body’s heat and cause you to sweat excessively, both of which are quite uncomfortable on hot days. Cotton, silk, linen, and similar natural fabrics will help reduce your body heat and cool off your skin. Lightweight cotton blends that incorporate just a small percentage of synthetic fabrics can still give you the flattering fit you want without sacrificing your comfort.


Choose light colors during summer, especially if you will be spending the day outdoors in your women’s plus size clothing. Dark colors absorb heat and make you feel extra warm on a sunny day. Whites, pastels, and other bright colors are ideal because they reflect sunlight and heat.

Women's Plus Size Clothing for summer

If your plus size clothing is overly restrictive or too clingy, the summer sun will warm you up much more than if you were wearing flowing fabrics. You can avoid clingy outfits by always being sure to purchase your correct size. Opt for blouses and skirts that fit well without being so tight that they will make a warm summer day sweaty or uncomfortable. Remember that a plus size clothing with a loose fit can be flattering too, especially during the upcoming summer season. To find the widest range of options for new summer fashions, shop at online stores that feature the latest designs in plus size clothing style.

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Plus Sized Clothes in Classic Summer Styles

May 2nd, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Summer is less than two months away. Is your wardrobe ready? Plus sized clothes in classic summer styles will keep you looking great, feeling comfortable, and having fun during the entire season. If you have been stuck in drab colors and heavy fabrics for several months, the end of spring is the time to start thinking about freshening up your wardrobe. The great thing about getting ready for summer is that you can stick to classic styles that are simple but still look fabulous no matter what you are doing this season.

Too many women have been made to believe that their only viable color option is black. You may have been told that black, navy blue, and other dark hues are ideal because of their slimming effect. Well, throw those ideas out this summer. Add fresh, clean colors to your closet with white tops, pastel tunics, and bright shades of your favorite colors. You will feel great and will look your best during the summer.

Plus Sized Clothes for Summer

Versatility is important when putting together a plus sized clothes outfit for summer. When you are outside on a hot summer day, you want to be sure to use lightweight fabrics that will not weigh you down or make you too warm. The same goes for lighter colors. They will keep you feeling cool even when outside in the sunshine.

Summer Plus Sized Clothes

Make sure to add a variety of accessories to your regular summer wardrobe that you can pair with many different plus sized clothes outfits. This will help make even your simplest outfits into versatile ensembles that can be casual during the day and dressy at night. Colorful belts, chunky necklaces and bracelets, hats, wedges, and sandals can all contribute to your fantastic summer style.

Plus Sized Clothes Perfect for Summer

There are lots of options for plus sized clothes for summer. Are you ready? Add some fresh color and style to your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

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