Color Grading: Love it!

March 15th, 2014 by Lisa Metcalf


I love color.  It makes me feel great.  I remember when I was a kid that I would go through boxes of crayons.  I think my most favorite drawings were making full arched rainbows.  Later I tried my hand at oil painting and made sunsets.  Once I thought I have perfected sunsets I tried my hand at sunrises.  Yellow!  Wow was that challenging.  Eventually, it was time to study for senior exams and move onto under graduate school.  I put my brushes and crayons to rest.

Today I still love the gradations of color.  It reminds me of pre-high school days and later my senior year.  Thank you designers for returning to tie dye.  Remember that?  Most of us tried our hands with tee shirts (of course mine we a bit plus size cotton tops), rubber bands and Rit dye!  Those who really understood the technique learned to grade colors.  I have to say this is my favorite.  I love the subtle tones from dark to light.  Blues tend to me my favorite.  It is like watching the skyline on a really crystal clear day.

Recently, I noticed some of the brand women’s clothing stores online are offering color grading tops.  I first discovered it on Neiman Marcus’ website.  I found a simple scoop neckline with a caftan body.  It was a lovely shade of magenta.  Somehow my search lead me to  On Etsy I found lots of traditional tie dye makers.  Wow-big bold bright colors on tees, tops, tunics and cardigans.  Most of the motifs were the rainbow or big spiral! For me it takes a lot of confidence to walk through a crowd making such a statement.  So, that brings me back to color dye grading.  It’s pretty simple.  The eye tends to move up and down your plus size top.  The look seems to soften the face.  Because it is not just one solid color it has a visual story.  Apparently this is the trend and I hope stays in fashion for a bit.

Anyone else who likes color clothing grading?  I love to hear from my readers.

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