Mixed Fruit Salad for Size?

January 2nd, 2014 by Lisa Metcalf

I have to say I love these little (no pun intended) graphics about our – plus size women – curves.  I guess the Eight is the new Pear?! I picked this image because that is my BBF shape.  She does not have a positive view at the moment because she cooked and baked all through the holiday season and added more joy to her figure!  I said, “Sweetie, with that waist you are not wasting anything!” She has amazing curves that I could kill for.  Look below and see my voluptuous figure ~

My shape is defined as an Apple.  The forbidden fruit!  That is style!  Thus, when I am with my BBF we make a wonderful mixed fruit salad of shapes.  She cannot fit into my clothes and I certainly cannot fit into her’s.  When we shop it’s easy to find things for me but often it is difficult for her.  There are not many flattering tops, blouses and shirts for plus size women with a waist.  (Especially if you are over the age of 42.  Most clothing stores offer plus size clothes for women that are still dating or unmarried.  Why?  They tend to go out often and buy more clothes.)

Figure 8 ladies tend to wear apple shape clothes because they cannot find styles and fabric that compliment there skin tones and personality.  My BBF does have a collection of silk/rayon sashes and belts.  Often she will add this accessory to show off her curves.  I love belts but that is a no-no for Apple Shapes.  Have you tried it?  Yeeks!  It makes us look huge.  I find it better to wear plunging necklines because I have a nice neck and it brings attention to my big jewelry.  Yes, wearing big necklaces adds a lot to my style.  In addition, a tunic jacket that is not boxy shields my hips and adds flare.

Now go out with your BBF and find the look that says ~ Stunning!

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