Simplicity is the Answer

December 15th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

The word simple is simple.  When I hear or read the word I think of basic.  When it comes to clothing I think of classic.  I am a bit tired of the big bold prints that are louder than my voice!  Apparently this is the rage at the moment.  For example Paul Ropp clothing from Bali – mixed fabrics, strong color combinations and elaborate details.  I love this look but I don’t carry it well.  It’s the kind of top or clothing that strangers want to approach you and talk.  Yeeks, please keep your distance!  Just kidding.

Coco Chanel designed clothing that spoke simplicity.  She had a flair for tasteful clothing with simple design elements.  As a plus size women with a size fit of 3x screaming floral prints make me look larger.  Calvin Klein has some wonderful clean basic women’s clothing but their sizing does not fit me.  I adore E. Fisher’s jersey blouses but alas she does not make clothing for 2x, 3x and up.

Just because it is difficult to find your size you do not have to succumb to what is leftover tops, shirts and blouses.  Make selections that are classic, simple and basic.  Simple details at the neckline add interest.  Most plus size women have beautiful necklines.  Pick tops with a “V” cut or a plunging jewel neckline.  However don’t add to much fussy fabrics to you neck; it will make you look silly (and we don’t want that to happen!).   Recently, I went out with my BBF and she was wearing a top with a very heavy looking lace collar.  It completely overwhelmed her personality.  Furthermore,  my eyes kept their full attention on the collar because it was so unflattering.  So, choose right.  Don’t need to select clothing that has bold details – let you style do the talking, yes?

When you have a chance check out some of the simple classic tops at or at Amazon.

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