Amazon: One stop shopping? Clothes, too

November 18th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Recently I got the news that Amazon has joined with Fashion Fulfillment to sell on their platform as a third party.  Fashion Fulfillment designs and manufactures plus size clothing for women and supplies Comfort in Fashion.  Well, is that not the coolest opportunity?  I never made a purchase of garments on Amazon.  Why?  I never really thought about it until on got the news.  So, I went on the Amazon site and typed in “plus size clothing” and guess what I got?  Yep, the same name brands we see on Google.  That was a bit disappointing so I did another search using the phrase:  women’s plus size clothing and plus size women’s clothing.  Bingo!  I discovered some pretty nice non-brand women’s clothing stores for larger women.  In fact, I noticed that there were less product but more sales. (In comparison to the brand stores it was the opposite.)

I kept my search up for about 20 minutes and then found myself in women’s sport clothes. Hahahaha.  What am I going to do with a golf skirt?? But it was fun browsing around.  I usually tend to go to an online store that brands itself with visuals, sales and just my size or fabric.  Here on Amazon there is so much to look around at.  It’s like a HUGE department store but you keep changing floors!

After 40 minutes I was in the kid’s department category.  I not sure how I got there (I think I was looking at a casual top and below it said someone who looked at this also looked at this.  Geez, who is that someone?  Because I like her taste!).  I found a wonderful stuff bear for my sister’s new born which led me to toy trains for my nephew!  OMG before I knew it my cart was full of holiday gifts and just one top for me to lounge in on Christmas day.

Well, that is the great thing I learned about Amazon — one stop shopping!

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