Open Sky: Runway Details

October 26th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

I like to enjoy my Sunday morning since it’s a day I can just linger.  Today is Sunday and there are no exceptions.  I made myself a nice cup of coffee with hot milk and walked out to the patio lounge chairs.  It was amazing to just sit there and gaze out onto the California hillside.  I looked, pondered and dreamed.  The more I took in this beautiful site I began to notice so many of mother nature’s details.  I usually look at the big picture:  landscape, big trees, open sky and sun.  However today was different.  I looked at the details of sky and its arrange of clouds – some with crisp grey edges and others with light blurred edges.  Closer to my vision were trees and I scanned it’s limbs for leaves and color.  I began to realize that all these details were not just details but part of the design.  How simple!

As I drank my hot coffee,  I thought about fabric, texture, color and design as it relates to clothing for plus size women.  (I always do that.  I am endlessly relating things back to  clothes and fashion apparel.  It’s my passion.)  I simulated a fashion show inside my head applying my own personal wardrobe on the runway.  As I envisioned my casual tops and shirts on a model and me in the audience playing critic it hit me – apply simple details to everyday wear.  My “model” wore one of my jersey tops with beading at the V-neckline.  The 3/4 sleeves were flared and the bottom sweep wider at the hips.  Here it was – a simple cotton jersey cut from a classic pattern with interesting but NOT loud details.  My fantasy fashion runway from my closet soon came to a finale with my back lace jersey jacket.

I finished my coffee and fashion show just before the family arrived at the kitchen ready to make pancakes and sausage.  It was a wonderful morning that set my day to look at fashion with a simple eye in a world that is a bit fast and loud.

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