Plus Size Giggles and Clothing Boards on Pinterest

September 22nd, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Plus size women do have a sense of humor.  I was browsing through Pinterest and found many boards (mostly created by larger women) with illustrations or quotes about big size women.  Here are some board names:

  • Big Size Giggles
  • Big Girls Rock
  • Easy Does It
  • Size is Just a Number
  • One size does not Fit All
  • My Style Above XL
  • Clothes for a Goddess
  • Big is Best

As you can see the list is endless with women from all over the world pinning images of curvy women. What I found interesting was that Marilyn Monroe was probably on most of these women’s board.  She is an icon and perhaps the first curvy model/star.

Then there were the humorous ones like below:

Cute.  It is body positive.  It is empowering.  I love the fact that today a lot more women are feeling comfortable about their size.  That skinny model trend really became a bit too much.  I recently found a tee shirt with a plus size model which said, “Feed the Model or else!”

Illustrations and tee shirt wordies are a great way of expressing ourselves without having to write it down or talking about it.  It’s easy to share and quickly understand.  Like this one about jar of love:

Then there are those food tee shirts too!  I am not shy about wearing a tank that might say:

“Hand over the Chocolate or you are dead.”  Or this one about ice cream:

There seems to be a movement today which women of larger size are feeling good and rocking!  I love that women can share their ideas, creations, designs and interest on Pinterest.  It’s like this new community that has discovered each other.  What is even more fun is their unique individuality.  You can see it from their boards.  Fashion is so personal ans specific.  I found lots of women’s fashion boards for larger fits, but so different in choices of color, shape and texture.  Yes, it’s true Big Girls Rock!

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