Pin, Repinned and Reviewed: Scoop Pleats & Tie Back, Oh My!

September 26th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Yesterday,  I was searching Pinterest.  I discovered  this particular women’s top had been repinned dozen of times.  Of course the black tunic top exceeded the turquoise by 3 to 1 – typically, ya?   You rarely see a plus size top with such detailing at the front.  I can only image the endless hours sewing those pleats.  Pinners mentioned that they loved the adjustable tie in the back.  Other members like the caftan tunic shape because it allowed for more arm room.  Personally, I need room and lots of it.  As a woman who is a plus size hourglass; I have extra minutes everywhere!  My arms are big.  Since the age of 42 gravity has taken over my arms.  Although I do exercise my arms ; they still want to be closer to mother nature, LOL.  So for me I love this tunic shirt because it has those wide armholes with coverage.  It hides and covers curves that I rather not reveal.  In fact, the adjustable tie-back is quite clever.  Sometimes I am in between sizes so this gives me options when I am under my goal weight or over it.  But I think what I love the most about a blouse like this is the eye moves away from my tummy and centers at the neckline.  The scoop is standard (it could have been a little lower for my taste) and brings the eye up to the neck and face.  Perfect!  Thank you Ms. Plus Size Clothing Designer!  You thought of everything.

So when you go out in that world wide web of fashion and apparel or retail shops remember these tips:

  • select standard scoop or jewel necklines (it brings the eye to the neck rather than the stomach)
  • consider either an hourglass, pear or apple tunic caftan bodice (more roomy everywhere including the armholes and sleeves
  • if you can find a top with an adjustable waist do NOT hesitate.  Buy!  (and send me the link asap)
  • as always select colors that are flattering and are interesting.  We all love a compliment!

Let me if you find any great women’s clothes in size 3x!  My favorite color is turquoise, but I look my best in purple.

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