Gertrude to Picasso: A Size is a Size, is a Size

August 26th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

I spent Monday night online reading the CNN news.  I was playing my pc’s music in the background when I began to listen to the words of the 1990’s goddess:  Madonna.  As Madonna said on her previous album – I have heard it all before – I stopped reading.  My mind wondered.  I tripped back to the day before when all I could recall was a week of these phrases posted on Facebook timelines, tee shirts and friends comments.

  • size is just a number (that was a tee shirt)
  • there is more of you to love (my mother mentioned that to me over the phone when I was complaining about a slight weight gain)
  • you are my ++ (my husband texted me that at the end of his – I will be home soon message)
  • plus I love you more  (read that on a friend’s timeline)

I am exhausted.  I also fed up, too.  It’s because I am done with these expressions that refer to my size, my weight and my appearance.  I would never buy a tee shirt with those phrases printed across my chest.  I know that the industry and my loved ones are trying to have me look at myself in a positive light.  However, the truth is I am happy with my plus size.  I am a tall 3x women.  I have curves that are beyond fabulous!  My size is just the right size for me.  I wish the billboards would quit with their all inspiring soul searching band wagon.  As Gertrude Stein might have said (and she was a plus size lady too you know!) to Picasso:  a size, is a size, is a size.  Meaning each time you say it, read it and hear it it changes and becomes more powerful.

Then the music changed to a Broadway show tune from Chorus Line and I click on CNN’s coverage

Miley Cyrus gives racy performance at

MTV’s Video Music Awards

This was more than enough for one night!



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