I am sick of MY style of clothing!

July 15th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

I am sick of my look! I am sick of my clothing! What you can do to freshen up your look?

Please don’t think that in order to enhance your plus size wardrobe or update your look, you have to spend lots of money or buy really cheap clothes. Just make minor adjustments to your clothes and accessories. If there is a need to make purchases, visit www.comfortinfashion.com where you can shop for women’s plus size clothing and freshen up your wardrobe for less and add some great plus size clothing pieces! Your wardrobe plan should start with throwing out everything that is 10 years or older.

Another easy way to update your plus size look is to use accessories. Inexpensive, trendy jewelry and shoes can totally enhance your look without breaking your budget. You can also recreate your jewelry. For example, take your long necklaces and double them up. Then tie a pretty ribbon on the ends, creating a newer, chunkier version of your old necklace. This will instantly jazz up your outfit. Or push up your sleeves and add bracelets.

Mix & match to create new plus size clothing combinations. If you always tend to wear the same women’s plus size clothing, try taking these few easy pieces to mix and match for great style – for example a pair of black pants, a pretty dress, a colorful tunic top and a great jacket can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. Other must-haves for mix and match are a blouse, a skirt, a pair of jeans, and a solid color tee shirt.  With this list you have the foundation of a great plus size wardrobe.

When you invest in classic shapes and colors, you can also enjoy more than one season’s wear from your women’s plus size clothing and by layering, you get a new look that is very versatile.  Another reason to buy solid color tops is you can add a bright scarf or a chunky necklace for a fun stylish look that will take you from daytime activities to special nights out.  Try taking your long necklaces and double them up to jazz up your outfit.

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