What my Girlfriend wore to her blind date:

June 30th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Wow – blind dates can be so nerve-racking! My friend Janet is a big size gal, but she knows the latest styles everyone sees on the fashion pages can also look good on a full figure as well.
Her secret is to only wear pieces that make her feel attractive and it always shows. Janet takes her plus size clothing and presents it in a way that looks great and her confidence shows through.
She thinks that no girl should ever change her look for a guy but on a blind date, you have no idea of what he likes so see on a lady, so the trick is to keep it simple with a hint of playfulness. In other words, dress for yourself, but polished and composed and still fun.
For plus size women’s clothing, Janet’s go-to designer is Comfort in Fashion. Their casual clothing pieces are so flexible, they can be mixed or matched to present an elegant image or can be right for casual occasions as well.
For a recent blind date, Janet had no idea of where the date would be and where they were going. Her blind date thought it was a good plan to “surprise” her.
(NOTE TO MEN: Women love surprises such as gifts of jewelry, flowers, perfume, etc., but the first thing a woman wants to know when she is going out is “What should I wear?”)
So Janet looked at her wardrobe and put together what I think is the perfect blind date outfit. She started with a blank page and tried to cover all the bases – casual, dressy, indoor, outside, fun but elegant ….
Here is what she created to cover any eventuality. Starting with the black “Right Fit in Cotton” pants she could be casual but still dressy with the front pleats. This also took care of the inside or outside question.
Next she added the white “Basic Classic Front Button” with a black collar as this style top is right for any occasion. For a finishing touch Janet added her most versatile piece – the “Sunset Silk” scarf that also doubles as a shawl. This added real pizzazz and color to her look.
Janet was ready to go and she felt fabulous in her women’s plus size clothing because she knew her outfit would suit any location or occasion and she could concentrate on being herself and not worry about being dressed appropriately!

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3 Responses

  1. Plus-Sized Jo-Jo

    I have gone on a couple of blind dates, and I admit I actually stress about what I’ll wear more than on dates with someone I have met.

  2. Plus Size Alica A

    I suppose that is the best advice there is for going on a blind date, wear what makes you feel good. And the advice to men about women it great too.

  3. Lisa Metcalf

    Yes, I tend to be the say way. Just do not wear a Big LOUD print, ok?

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