Plus Size Clothing for Beach Weddings

June 6th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

June has long been a traditional month for weddings, so this is a great time to have a look at your formal wardrobe. Could you use a new plus size clothing outfit for an upcoming wedding? What if you’ve been invited to a destination wedding on a warm, sandy beach? How can you put together an elegant outfit that is both formal enough for the event but also appropriate for the beach? Fortunately, there are lots of modern womens plus size clothing options to choose from.

Keep It Cool and Light

Even in a shady kiosk built on the beach for a wedding ceremony, things can get very warm under the summer sun. Plan ahead for your own comfort with a cool and light outfit. You can find many elegant blouses and skirts in light cotton blends that breathe well and will not turn a beautiful wedding at the beach into your own personal sauna.

Sleeveless and flared sleeve tops are ideal since they will keep your arms cool. Choose low necklines for an elegant, stylish look that will also be much more comfortable than other outfits.

Plus Size Clothing for a Beach Wedding

Bright Beach Colors

Many people equate dark colors with formal attire, such as black and navy blue. For a beach wedding, however, you need to stick to bright colors. Remember that part of the fun of a beach wedding is making what is typically a very formal event and putting it in an extremely informal location. So go with the flow by using coral, chartreuse, lavender, and other bright colors that will make you look fantastic while also fitting in perfectly with the setting and feel of the event.

Bright Womens Plus Size Clothing

Shop online for your plus size clothing in order to find the best options when putting together your beach wedding ensemble. You can get lovely womens plus size clothing that will fit you perfectly and match the unique setting of the wedding.


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4 Responses

  1. Plus Size Leanne

    I know the topic of the article is plus size beach wedding fashion, but I’d be OK wearing the selection pictured here anywhere.

  2. Happy Plus Size Mum

    My daughter getting married on the Caribbean island of Anguilla and of course my husband and I are attending. I received an email with a link to this page from her with these instructions: “Mom, this is my wedding, so it is my call. You must wear bright colors to show everyone you’re not mourning your daughter marrying the man of her dreams. I will be checking your luggage before we leave and I want to be dazzled when I open your suitcases.” My girl was never one to mix words.

  3. Ella +Size

    So now all I have to do is get myself invited to a beach wedding… Just kidding, I wouldn’t need a beach or a wedding to wear these tops.

  4. Lisa Metcalf

    Keep us posted.

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