Cool Plus Size Clothing in the Summer Sun

May 21st, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Summer is a lovely time of year when you can get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The sunshine certainly is beautiful, but there is no denying that it can get quite warm under the sun as well. When you are preparing your plus size clothing wardrobe for this summer, be sure to fill it with lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable all season long. The following suggestions can help you stay stylish without overheating even on the warmest summer day.

Summer Plus Size Clothing

Lightweight and breathable fabrics are by far your best choices for summer plus size clothing fabrics. Synthetics will trap your body’s heat and cause you to sweat excessively, both of which are quite uncomfortable on hot days. Cotton, silk, linen, and similar natural fabrics will help reduce your body heat and cool off your skin. Lightweight cotton blends that incorporate just a small percentage of synthetic fabrics can still give you the flattering fit you want without sacrificing your comfort.


Choose light colors during summer, especially if you will be spending the day outdoors in your women’s plus size clothing. Dark colors absorb heat and make you feel extra warm on a sunny day. Whites, pastels, and other bright colors are ideal because they reflect sunlight and heat.

Women's Plus Size Clothing for summer

If your plus size clothing is overly restrictive or too clingy, the summer sun will warm you up much more than if you were wearing flowing fabrics. You can avoid clingy outfits by always being sure to purchase your correct size. Opt for blouses and skirts that fit well without being so tight that they will make a warm summer day sweaty or uncomfortable. Remember that a plus size clothing with a loose fit can be flattering too, especially during the upcoming summer season. To find the widest range of options for new summer fashions, shop at online stores that feature the latest designs in plus size clothing style.

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4 Responses

  1. Plus Size Damsel

    This is a wonderful blog. I agree, 100% cotton is the best fabric choice for summer, or hot climates in general. So many of my friends opt for synthetic fabrics because they want to avoid wrinkles in the fabric, thinking it makes them look like they slept in their clothes. It does, but I’d sooner be comfortable in my wrinkled cotton slacks and blouse, then broiling in synthetic fabrics that in the sun can become so hot you can hardly touch them with your bare hands.

  2. Proud 2B Plus Size

    Great advice on the natural fibres but just a tad late for me. I love natural fabrics, and just bought matching linen jacket, slacks and a skirt. I love the color and material, but what was stunning and comfortable in the store let me down once a heat wave hit. If I had gone one size larger (which was not available) I’d have the perfect summer slacks, skirt and jacket set that I could mix and match with almost everything in my closet. It’s still beautiful but gets too clingy in higher humidity, so I can only wear the pieces on cooler days. So I am only partially broken hearted.

  3. Joanna O

    I love the blue cotton shirt. Off the top of my head I can think of a half dozen places I would love to wear it with jeans, slacks and a skirt.

  4. Lisa Metcalf

    You have great taste! I hope one of those places is at the beach!

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