Keeping Plus Size Clothing Light for Flight

April 10th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Now that the winter chill is finally out of the air, people everywhere are busily making their summer vacation plans. Perhaps you will get away to the beach or take a lovely excursion to a famous city. Regardless of where you are going, however, you will have to make sure your plus size clothing is light for flight. If you are worried about dealing with the weight restrictions imposed on all your carry-ons and checked baggage, the tips in this article can help you fly with peace of mind.

Plus Size Clothing - Light for Flight

Make a plan to bring lightweight women’s plus size clothing in your luggage. This makes sense for summer travel anyway since you will want lighter fabrics for the warm weather. If you are traveling to an area that still has cool nights even in the summer, you can always layer a few lighter layers in order to create a nice outfit that will keep you warm. Avoid packing heavy sweaters, boots, or similar items that you are not even sure you will use on your trip since these will just be taking up valuable space in your luggage.

Pack your plus size clothing into your carry-on before moving to your checked bag since the latter has more weight restrictions. Plus, you will have all your big size essentials with you in your carry-on in the unlikely event that the airline loses your checked bag.


Plus Size Clothing - Pack for Flight

What if you are worried that you won’t have enough women’s plus size clothing outfits for your trip? Don’t worry; you can pack light and still have a wide array of gorgeous outfits to wear each day. Bring mix and match plus size clothing separates that can be combined into a variety of ensembles. That will allow you to look great and feel comfortable no matter where your travels take you.

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  1. Plus Size Pat

    I love to shop when I travel, but finding plus size clothing I like isn’t always easy, if at all possible. So I make sure I bring along back up outfits and I just love the red top in the first photo. Have to find it or something close before I leave.

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