Facebook or Ebay: Which is Better for Plus Size Clothing?

March 16th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Did you ever make a purchase for women’s plus size clothing on eBay?  I am sure you did.  Well, if you did not then you might have just looked through the clothing section for women.  But I bet most of you have made some kind of purchase there.  It is almost a must.  (I think the last time a bought something on eBay was a box of acupuncture needles.  I was traveling to Indonesia and I was a bit worried what they might be poking me with, so I got me a box!)

Today, eBay is now all grown-up!  And so are we.

Now there is Facebook.  Most of my readers are a member and have several identities (shhhh I did not say that).  I like to read posts the most from my friends and family.  But then there is that moment I venture out into the search bar and type:  Clothing for big women or big size clothing or just the old standard plus size clothing.  Guess who comes up?  The old guard.  The backbone stores of larger garments.  Like:

-Lane Bryant

-One Stop Plus

-Fashion Bug

-Big on Batik

-Making it Big

-Sealed with a Kiss (I always wondered about that name??? What is up with that??? Where is it sealed?


-Ulla Poken

The list is endless.  So i enjoy waking up in the morning and being entertained by those online stores.  Even when I get home they continue to entertain me to the point I have to click “like” or even “share”.  I hardly ever make a comment.  And now this is what I am getting to … I hardy ever buy or go to their facebook “Visit Our Store”.  I like to hear about the sales and discounts.  In fact, it’s cool to read other women’s comments about clothing.

I guess one day I will break down and use one of those coupon codes or email paper discount.  So for me its ebay purchases and I don’t have to follow anyone!

I love to hear from my readers.  Has anyone made a purchase from Facebook?

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3 Responses

  1. Plus Size Shopper

    I shop eBay in search for deals on clothing for plus size women all the time. I never even thought to check out Facebook. My friend list is full of plus size women, so it is odd that none have ever mentioned it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Plus Size Patti

    Lisa, to be honest Facebook has so many spammers and scammers I wouldn’t buy anything promoted by anyone on Facebook.

  3. Lisa Metcalf

    Really? Thanks for the advice.

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