Shopping and Saving? Possible

December 2nd, 2012 by Lisa Metcalf

Yes, it is that time of year!  I always give myself a budget for my annual Christmas shopping.  However, each year I go over my budget.  It is not much – maybe $100 or less.  I think that is pretty good (especially when I want to shop for plus size clothing for myself!).  A couple things I do is:

1. Buy books, music, kitchenware, bedding and men’s gear online.  This saves on the gas, parking meters and having to buy yourself a snack and drink!  Also you can get free shipping and additional discounts.

2. You can buy in bulk and then separate gifts for individual wrapping.  Great for stocking stuffers.

3. Shop with a girlfriend.  She can add to your check-out and possible more discounts.

4. Get flyers from your favorite stores and shop early in the morning.

5.  if you are buying fashionable clothing at discount stores for friends make sure you know their color and size.  I suggest snapping a photo of them onto your phone.  This will help you decide later.

Good-luck!  Even Mrs. Claus loves to shop, lol

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