Expressive and Colorful Plus Size Womens Clothing

November 7th, 2012 by Lisa Metcalf

Expressive and Colorful Plus Size Womens Clothing

It is amazing how differently two people can perceive beauty. But at the same time, that is one of the things that makes each of us unique and allows this world to be a truly enjoyable place to live. Though many women have been made to feel negatively about their appearance in the past, modern plus size womens clothing is changing that.

The goal of beautiful plus size clothing should be to flatter a women and allow her to express her personal style. Some ways designers achieve this include:

  • Ample use of color
  • Form-enhancing cuts that do not hide a curvy shape
  • Varied clothing lines that take many different tastes into consideration.

One of my favorite recent examples is this hand painted tunic. It combines plenty of color with what has become a very popular tunic style. When it comes to plus size womens clothing, I definitely feel that more colorful and expressive is the right direction for designers to take.

What do you think?

Tunic Separate Hand Painted-Mix Color

Tunic Separate Hand Painted-Mix Color


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