Thinking About Texture and Plus Size Clothing

October 4th, 2012 by Lisa Metcalf

When it comes to your plus size clothing, finding the right fit is essential. That means getting a dress that hugs your curves without being clingy; that flatters your figure without hiding it. But one factor that some women forget to consider is the texture of their clothing. Why is the texture of your blouses, skirts, and dresses so important to your style?

The way a fabric is textured also affects the way it looks on you. A heavier texture will tend to appear darker and thicker. Lightly textured or sheer fabrics offer an airy, light look thanks to their unique fabrics. Obviously, there is not right or wrong way to choose textures when you are shopping or putting together an outfit. But it is important to think about how they will affect your appearance.

It can be especially hard to choose new plus size clothing based on texture when you are shopping online. Since you cannot physically see or touch the fabric before making a purchase, you could try emailing the store’s customer service department before buying. And remember to check their return policy so you can make a return or exchange if the fabric turns out to be not what you were looking for.

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