Wholesale Plus Size Clothing USA With Shoulder Pads

February 27th, 2012 by Lisa Metcalf

In years past, shoulder pads were a big part of popular fashion. But many plus size ladies tend to avoid them, being afraid that wholesale plus size clothing USA with shoulder pads will make them look too big and wide. If you have wide hips, however, a well designed top with shoulder pads can help give you a more balanced look.

The natural female shape has the shoulders just a bit wider than the hips. If you have wide hips, giving yourself a stronger shoulder look with shoulder pads is a great idea. If you like, you can add shoulder pads to your favorite blouses and jackets to see how they look.

There are lots of different sizes of shoulder pads, so feel free to experiment a bit as you search for your ideal style. See how you feel with different pads and try to combine your newly designed tops with your favorite skirts and pants to see how it changes your style. If you use them right, wholesale plus size clothing USA with shoulder pads can give you poise, confidence, and style!

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