Ironing Your Casual Plus Size Clothing

January 30th, 2012 by Lisa Metcalf

Thanks to all the designers that have now joined the world of plus size fashion, curvy ladies have way more options to choose from when they want a nice outfit. Now the concern has shifted away from finding the right outfit to caring for your garments properly. Before you iron your favorite casual plus size clothing, make sure you are using the right heat to make sure your favorite blouses, jackets, pants, and skirts last.

The ideal heat level to use when ironing your casual plus size clothing depends on the fabric. Lightweight cotton should be ironed on medium heat, while heavier cotton garments take high heat and are best ironed while damp. Silk and wool should both be ironed on low-medium heat on the wrong side. Silk should not be steamed. For wool, placing a damp cloth between your iron and the fabric is best.

Synthetic materials such as rayon, nylon, and polyester require low or low-medium heat when being ironed. Rayon specifically comes out best when ironed on the wrong side. And any casual plus size clothing made of a synthetic blend should also be ironed on low-medium heat to prevent burning or other damage.


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