Shopping Online But Not Alone

February 28th, 2011 by Lisa Metcalf

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Girls love shopping for plus size clothing with girlfriends, but these days we are doing more online shopping. That means no dressing room chats, no second opinion on that outfit you’re not sure of, and no more splurging on lunch! But you don’t have to shop alone just because you’re shopping online.

Facebook and Twitter are amazing tools for stumbling upon news, jokes, and sales! If I go into my Twitter account now (@ComfortNFashion) and do a quick search on “plus size,” I see other plus size girls like me posting links to plus size dresses they just found and love so much they want to share. Even my own tweets pop up, where I share exciting casual plus size clothing sales with my followers. And sales from other plus size clothing companies pop up too.
I also see links to interesting articles on all kinds of topics, like plus size fashion shows, models, and trends to get new ideas.

Another thing I like to do is take a quick pic of myself in a new outfit, either in a dressing room or at home in something I just bought online, and post it to my Facebook account. I can even set these posts to just go to the friends I want them to go to, and hide them from co-workers or that guy I’m dating, and I can get those 2nd opinions from my girlfriends that we women love so much (at least, we love it from the girls who know how to give constructive criticism).

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