How Casual Plus Size Clothing Fits into the Fashion Industry

December 6th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

We all know that the grand majority of models taking to the runway in the newest designer fashions do not represent the average woman.  They are lean, mean, propaganda machines, making women everywhere feel uncomfortable about the way they look.  But, in reality, clothing designers really ought to be giving more attention to plus size women.

Although some recent newspaper articles have claimed that casual plus size clothing only represents less than 20% of the total market share of clothing sales, taking a closer look proves that curvy gals everywhere are doing more shopping than that.

Modern Designers Meeting Women’s Needs

The truth is that women want clothing that fit well, show off their curves, and make them feel great.  For a long time (and sadly even now), many clothing designers created their plus size clothing lines by sizing out their standard size 8 into larger measurements.  This was not the right way to go about designing plus size clothing.  As women get larger, their body shapes change.  And that means that designers have to go back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, a lot of modern designers have figured this out, and are offering casual plus size clothing designed for big women.  Instead of simply extending smaller sizes, they have taken a look at women’s body shapes and created clothing that fits well.  These designers are now enjoying high sales, since they have finally created the fashions that plus size women have wanted for so many years.

The Modern Clothing Industry

According to industry analysts, plus size clothing sales came in at $42 billion in 2009 alone.  That means that the market share for plus size clothing is 54% of clothing sales.  That’s a huge percentage.  Clearly women want to shop for casual plus size clothing from new designers willing to create styles just for them.

The Internet has become the modern haven for curvy women shopping for stylish outfits.  Online shopping is easy.  You can review sizing charts before you buy, and have your items shipped straight to your door.

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