Matching Jewelry with Your Casual Plus Size Clothing

November 25th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

Comfortable and casual plus size clothing looks great no matter where you go and what you are doing.  A basic tank top serves as the perfect starting layer for a nice outfit.  Add a stylish separate, like a tunic jacket or button up blouse, and you have already created a fantastic look.  Jewelry is the finishing touch that can make your outfit look amazing.  Remember to choose the right style of complementary jewelry with your casual plus size clothing.

Formal jewelry has a very specific style and goal.  Its shiny and luxurious gleam adds to the style of a formal gown in a way nothing else can.  But when you are wearing a casual or semi-casual outfit, you certainly don’t want to overdo it with your jewelry.  Some classic, simple styles will complement your casual outfit and make you look fantastic.

Simple chain necklaces are a classic look; they never go out of style and always look great with a nice casual outfit.  Mix and match gold and silver chains to complement your style.  For a more colorful and fun casual look, use beaded necklaces.  You can find these in all colors and sizes, from short necklaces with small beads to long opera length necklaces strung with huge beads.

When you are choosing what jewelry to wear with your casual plus size clothing, remember to choose classic looks that are true to your personal style.  Simple chain necklaces and bracelets always look great.  Colorful beaded jewelry also adds a nice touch to any outfit.  Some jewelry designers are even making plus size jewelry, specifically designed to fit a larger woman and complement her figure.

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