Looking Fashionable While Staying Warm

November 14th, 2010 by Lisa Metcalf

When the temperatures start dropping, we find ourselves pulling last year’s winter pieces from the backs of our closets, and usually react in one of two ways: either we’re refreshed to see the sweaters and long-sleeved favorites, or we’re frustrated not only with the cold, but an outdated wardrobe as well. When it comes to office plus size clothing, there are ways we can prevent this conundrum—prompting us to the former every winter season.

Think Classic

Whereas it is important to buy a trendy piece or two, or even grab some funky shoes or accessories, a classic base for your office wardrobe is essential for feeling good about your wardrobe the next year. Because trends and our opinions fluctuate year after year, what was incredibly “hot” last year may look tacky and outdated today. Build up a classic base for your winter office wardrobe. Include dress slacks that are comfortable, varied in color, and will look good with boots. Versatility reigns supreme when it comes to this base wardrobe.

Think Warm

One thing will never change for you when the winter comes: It’s going to be cold. When building up your classic office wardrobe, be sure to pick fabrics that will be appropriate. A satin-type top may have been trendy last winter, but a warmer knit in a neutral color is likely a better decision. Be sure to purchase pieces that can be layered—as temperatures vary between the office, the outside, your home, and the car. Being comfortable is vital for feeling confident and working well.

There is no “one wardrobe fits all” plan for office plus size clothing. Creating a classic base that is weather-appropriate, however, will allow you to get more creative with accessories and avoid dread when you pull those clothes out from the back of the closet.

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