KFC? – Katans, Fabric and Cotton

March 22nd, 2014 by Lisa Metcalf


Katan or is it Caftans.  Does not matter.  Just love the open styling.  This is not your everyday boxy one its has a bit more shape.  But then a V-neckline is always flattering.


Fabric, fabrics and more fabrics!  So simple but fun.  I love the combinations of purple to put together a well matched top for plus sizes.  This one comes in women’s 1x, 2x and 3x.  Great with jeans.


Then there is this wonderful cotton jersey.  Great color!  And the details are super simple.  I think plus size designers are beginning to recognize what we really want!

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Color Grading: Love it!

March 15th, 2014 by Lisa Metcalf


I love color.  It makes me feel great.  I remember when I was a kid that I would go through boxes of crayons.  I think my most favorite drawings were making full arched rainbows.  Later I tried my hand at oil painting and made sunsets.  Once I thought I have perfected sunsets I tried my hand at sunrises.  Yellow!  Wow was that challenging.  Eventually, it was time to study for senior exams and move onto under graduate school.  I put my brushes and crayons to rest.

Today I still love the gradations of color.  It reminds me of pre-high school days and later my senior year.  Thank you designers for returning to tie dye.  Remember that?  Most of us tried our hands with tee shirts (of course mine we a bit plus size cotton tops), rubber bands and Rit dye!  Those who really understood the technique learned to grade colors.  I have to say this is my favorite.  I love the subtle tones from dark to light.  Blues tend to me my favorite.  It is like watching the skyline on a really crystal clear day.

Recently, I noticed some of the brand women’s clothing stores online are offering color grading tops.  I first discovered it on Neiman Marcus’ website.  I found a simple scoop neckline with a caftan body.  It was a lovely shade of magenta.  Somehow my search lead me to Etsy.com.  On Etsy I found lots of traditional tie dye makers.  Wow-big bold bright colors on tees, tops, tunics and cardigans.  Most of the motifs were the rainbow or big spiral! For me it takes a lot of confidence to walk through a crowd making such a statement.  So, that brings me back to color dye grading.  It’s pretty simple.  The eye tends to move up and down your plus size top.  The look seems to soften the face.  Because it is not just one solid color it has a visual story.  Apparently this is the trend and I hope stays in fashion for a bit.

Anyone else who likes color clothing grading?  I love to hear from my readers.

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Etsy: New Platform for Plus Size Clothing

February 21st, 2014 by Lisa Metcalf

I’ve known about Etsy for many years.  I haven’t purchased from it yet but I like the idea of home made.  Etsy is handmade crafts by world artisans selling on a craft platform.  In today’s world it is amazing we can be touched by dress designers in Sri Lanka, fabrics from Hong Kong, craft supplies from Brazil and plus size clothing manufacturers from USA. I recently went onto the site because I was looking for tassels to add as a decorative design for the edge  of a top.  What luck I had.  I found tassels from all over the world.  There were selection of color gradations in imitation silk, rayon and cotton.  It was hard to select.  However, as I went deeper into my search I stumble on some really nice plus size clothes.  What I loved about the various artisans is their creativity with color and fabric.  This is one place you will not find a basic Lane Bryant or Kiyonna outfit, rather small businesses working out of their homes.

I became fascinated with tie-dye cardigans.  There are some amazing color combinations besides the regular center swirl.  There are not many shops offering rayon or cotton separates.  Next I searched for tunic tops in size 3x and found some lovely blouses.  The sellers were not offering caftans but more like a tailored design with a edgy cut.

What I did not know is our sister online store Generous Fashions is listed on Etsy.  What a nice surprise.  At the moment Fashion Fulfillment for GF has a listing of 12 tops, shirts and blouses.  There is one skirt made from rayon/spandex.  I emailed customer service about their experience with the buyers on Etsy.  Ana, from customer service, told me that they are just wonderful people that communicate.  They tend to ask questions about fit and fabric.  Furthermore,  they have mentioned they it is difficult to find larger sizes on Etsy and they are glad to have Generous Fashions represented.

Have you purchased any women’s plus size clothing from Etsy?

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Mixed Fruit Salad for Size?

January 2nd, 2014 by Lisa Metcalf

I have to say I love these little (no pun intended) graphics about our – plus size women – curves.  I guess the Eight is the new Pear?! I picked this image because that is my BBF shape.  She does not have a positive view at the moment because she cooked and baked all through the holiday season and added more joy to her figure!  I said, “Sweetie, with that waist you are not wasting anything!” She has amazing curves that I could kill for.  Look below and see my voluptuous figure ~

My shape is defined as an Apple.  The forbidden fruit!  That is style!  Thus, when I am with my BBF we make a wonderful mixed fruit salad of shapes.  She cannot fit into my clothes and I certainly cannot fit into her’s.  When we shop it’s easy to find things for me but often it is difficult for her.  There are not many flattering tops, blouses and shirts for plus size women with a waist.  (Especially if you are over the age of 42.  Most clothing stores offer plus size clothes for women that are still dating or unmarried.  Why?  They tend to go out often and buy more clothes.)

Figure 8 ladies tend to wear apple shape clothes because they cannot find styles and fabric that compliment there skin tones and personality.  My BBF does have a collection of silk/rayon sashes and belts.  Often she will add this accessory to show off her curves.  I love belts but that is a no-no for Apple Shapes.  Have you tried it?  Yeeks!  It makes us look huge.  I find it better to wear plunging necklines because I have a nice neck and it brings attention to my big jewelry.  Yes, wearing big necklaces adds a lot to my style.  In addition, a tunic jacket that is not boxy shields my hips and adds flare.

Now go out with your BBF and find the look that says ~ Stunning!

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Simplicity is the Answer

December 15th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

The word simple is simple.  When I hear or read the word I think of basic.  When it comes to clothing I think of classic.  I am a bit tired of the big bold prints that are louder than my voice!  Apparently this is the rage at the moment.  For example Paul Ropp clothing from Bali – mixed fabrics, strong color combinations and elaborate details.  I love this look but I don’t carry it well.  It’s the kind of top or clothing that strangers want to approach you and talk.  Yeeks, please keep your distance!  Just kidding.

Coco Chanel designed clothing that spoke simplicity.  She had a flair for tasteful clothing with simple design elements.  As a plus size women with a size fit of 3x screaming floral prints make me look larger.  Calvin Klein has some wonderful clean basic women’s clothing but their sizing does not fit me.  I adore E. Fisher’s jersey blouses but alas she does not make clothing for 2x, 3x and up.

Just because it is difficult to find your size you do not have to succumb to what is leftover tops, shirts and blouses.  Make selections that are classic, simple and basic.  Simple details at the neckline add interest.  Most plus size women have beautiful necklines.  Pick tops with a “V” cut or a plunging jewel neckline.  However don’t add to much fussy fabrics to you neck; it will make you look silly (and we don’t want that to happen!).   Recently, I went out with my BBF and she was wearing a top with a very heavy looking lace collar.  It completely overwhelmed her personality.  Furthermore,  my eyes kept their full attention on the collar because it was so unflattering.  So, choose right.  Don’t need to select clothing that has bold details – let you style do the talking, yes?

When you have a chance check out some of the simple classic tops at ComfortinFashion.com or at Amazon.

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Amazon: One stop shopping? Clothes, too

November 18th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Recently I got the news that Amazon has joined with Fashion Fulfillment to sell on their platform as a third party.  Fashion Fulfillment designs and manufactures plus size clothing for women and supplies Comfort in Fashion.  Well, is that not the coolest opportunity?  I never made a purchase of garments on Amazon.  Why?  I never really thought about it until on got the news.  So, I went on the Amazon site and typed in “plus size clothing” and guess what I got?  Yep, the same name brands we see on Google.  That was a bit disappointing so I did another search using the phrase:  women’s plus size clothing and plus size women’s clothing.  Bingo!  I discovered some pretty nice non-brand women’s clothing stores for larger women.  In fact, I noticed that there were less product but more sales. (In comparison to the brand stores it was the opposite.)

I kept my search up for about 20 minutes and then found myself in women’s sport clothes. Hahahaha.  What am I going to do with a golf skirt?? But it was fun browsing around.  I usually tend to go to an online store that brands itself with visuals, sales and just my size or fabric.  Here on Amazon there is so much to look around at.  It’s like a HUGE department store but you keep changing floors!

After 40 minutes I was in the kid’s department category.  I not sure how I got there (I think I was looking at a casual top and below it said someone who looked at this also looked at this.  Geez, who is that someone?  Because I like her taste!).  I found a wonderful stuff bear for my sister’s new born which led me to toy trains for my nephew!  OMG before I knew it my cart was full of holiday gifts and just one top for me to lounge in on Christmas day.

Well, that is the great thing I learned about Amazon — one stop shopping!

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Open Sky: Runway Details

October 26th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

I like to enjoy my Sunday morning since it’s a day I can just linger.  Today is Sunday and there are no exceptions.  I made myself a nice cup of coffee with hot milk and walked out to the patio lounge chairs.  It was amazing to just sit there and gaze out onto the California hillside.  I looked, pondered and dreamed.  The more I took in this beautiful site I began to notice so many of mother nature’s details.  I usually look at the big picture:  landscape, big trees, open sky and sun.  However today was different.  I looked at the details of sky and its arrange of clouds – some with crisp grey edges and others with light blurred edges.  Closer to my vision were trees and I scanned it’s limbs for leaves and color.  I began to realize that all these details were not just details but part of the design.  How simple!

As I drank my hot coffee,  I thought about fabric, texture, color and design as it relates to clothing for plus size women.  (I always do that.  I am endlessly relating things back to  clothes and fashion apparel.  It’s my passion.)  I simulated a fashion show inside my head applying my own personal wardrobe on the runway.  As I envisioned my casual tops and shirts on a model and me in the audience playing critic it hit me – apply simple details to everyday wear.  My “model” wore one of my jersey tops with beading at the V-neckline.  The 3/4 sleeves were flared and the bottom sweep wider at the hips.  Here it was – a simple cotton jersey cut from a classic pattern with interesting but NOT loud details.  My fantasy fashion runway from my closet soon came to a finale with my back lace jersey jacket.

I finished my coffee and fashion show just before the family arrived at the kitchen ready to make pancakes and sausage.  It was a wonderful morning that set my day to look at fashion with a simple eye in a world that is a bit fast and loud.

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Pin, Repinned and Reviewed: Scoop Pleats & Tie Back, Oh My!

September 26th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Yesterday,  I was searching Pinterest.  I discovered  this particular women’s top had been repinned dozen of times.  Of course the black tunic top exceeded the turquoise by 3 to 1 – typically, ya?   You rarely see a plus size top with such detailing at the front.  I can only image the endless hours sewing those pleats.  Pinners mentioned that they loved the adjustable tie in the back.  Other members like the caftan tunic shape because it allowed for more arm room.  Personally, I need room and lots of it.  As a woman who is a plus size hourglass; I have extra minutes everywhere!  My arms are big.  Since the age of 42 gravity has taken over my arms.  Although I do exercise my arms ; they still want to be closer to mother nature, LOL.  So for me I love this tunic shirt because it has those wide armholes with coverage.  It hides and covers curves that I rather not reveal.  In fact, the adjustable tie-back is quite clever.  Sometimes I am in between sizes so this gives me options when I am under my goal weight or over it.  But I think what I love the most about a blouse like this is the eye moves away from my tummy and centers at the neckline.  The scoop is standard (it could have been a little lower for my taste) and brings the eye up to the neck and face.  Perfect!  Thank you Ms. Plus Size Clothing Designer!  You thought of everything.

So when you go out in that world wide web of fashion and apparel or retail shops remember these tips:

  • select standard scoop or jewel necklines (it brings the eye to the neck rather than the stomach)
  • consider either an hourglass, pear or apple tunic caftan bodice (more roomy everywhere including the armholes and sleeves
  • if you can find a top with an adjustable waist do NOT hesitate.  Buy!  (and send me the link asap)
  • as always select colors that are flattering and are interesting.  We all love a compliment!

Let me if you find any great women’s clothes in size 3x!  My favorite color is turquoise, but I look my best in purple.

steveny9's Amazon1 album on Photobucket

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Plus Size Giggles and Clothing Boards on Pinterest

September 22nd, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

Plus size women do have a sense of humor.  I was browsing through Pinterest and found many boards (mostly created by larger women) with illustrations or quotes about big size women.  Here are some board names:

  • Big Size Giggles
  • Big Girls Rock
  • Easy Does It
  • Size is Just a Number
  • One size does not Fit All
  • My Style Above XL
  • Clothes for a Goddess
  • Big is Best

As you can see the list is endless with women from all over the world pinning images of curvy women. What I found interesting was that Marilyn Monroe was probably on most of these women’s board.  She is an icon and perhaps the first curvy model/star.

Then there were the humorous ones like below:

Cute.  It is body positive.  It is empowering.  I love the fact that today a lot more women are feeling comfortable about their size.  That skinny model trend really became a bit too much.  I recently found a tee shirt with a plus size model which said, “Feed the Model or else!”

Illustrations and tee shirt wordies are a great way of expressing ourselves without having to write it down or talking about it.  It’s easy to share and quickly understand.  Like this one about jar of love:

Then there are those food tee shirts too!  I am not shy about wearing a tank that might say:

“Hand over the Chocolate or you are dead.”  Or this one about ice cream:

There seems to be a movement today which women of larger size are feeling good and rocking!  I love that women can share their ideas, creations, designs and interest on Pinterest.  It’s like this new community that has discovered each other.  What is even more fun is their unique individuality.  You can see it from their boards.  Fashion is so personal ans specific.  I found lots of women’s fashion boards for larger fits, but so different in choices of color, shape and texture.  Yes, it’s true Big Girls Rock!

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Gertrude to Picasso: A Size is a Size, is a Size

August 26th, 2013 by Lisa Metcalf

I spent Monday night online reading the CNN news.  I was playing my pc’s music in the background when I began to listen to the words of the 1990’s goddess:  Madonna.  As Madonna said on her previous album – I have heard it all before – I stopped reading.  My mind wondered.  I tripped back to the day before when all I could recall was a week of these phrases posted on Facebook timelines, tee shirts and friends comments.

  • size is just a number (that was a tee shirt)
  • there is more of you to love (my mother mentioned that to me over the phone when I was complaining about a slight weight gain)
  • you are my ++ (my husband texted me that at the end of his – I will be home soon message)
  • plus I love you more  (read that on a friend’s timeline)

I am exhausted.  I also fed up, too.  It’s because I am done with these expressions that refer to my size, my weight and my appearance.  I would never buy a tee shirt with those phrases printed across my chest.  I know that the industry and my loved ones are trying to have me look at myself in a positive light.  However, the truth is I am happy with my plus size.  I am a tall 3x women.  I have curves that are beyond fabulous!  My size is just the right size for me.  I wish the billboards would quit with their all inspiring soul searching band wagon.  As Gertrude Stein might have said (and she was a plus size lady too you know!) to Picasso:  a size, is a size, is a size.  Meaning each time you say it, read it and hear it it changes and becomes more powerful.

Then the music changed to a Broadway show tune from Chorus Line and I click on CNN’s coverage

Miley Cyrus gives racy performance at

MTV’s Video Music Awards

This was more than enough for one night!



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