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Monday, February 15, 2010

Color and Plus Size Clothing

Who is the beholder of the color wheel? Who is creating those color trends? Why are bold solids the only option sometimes for plus size clothing for women. I like red but I don't to walk around the world promoting Valentine Day everyday! And this NYC black thing going on. What is that all about??? Most women in New York City look like they are going to a funeral. It's chic, but 24/7 not. Then there is yellow. I love that color but only when I am on vacation at the beach. I need a tan to wear it. Most of the time I am white white and more white. Give me some teal but touches of it. How about some steel blue or touches of coral? I don't need ruffles but nice slender lines. I have nice legs and shoulders. Let's talk about my best features. Don't put a drawstring at my belly!!! Really. That is my biggest asset and I don't want to focus on that! Enough said. I think I am gonna make some tie-dye blouses! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Give Me Some Style! Sacking Plus Size Clothing

Listen I can't cut and sew, BUT if I could I would not make sacks for plus size clothing. What's up with that??? I have taste, I have style and I have more that is probably legal by the Fashion Police. I need more that a hole for my head and two holes for my arms. I want shirts and blouses with color but not loud prints. I don't consider my body a billboard for the African jungle or Caribbean tours! Some nice embellishments but not tacky. I am not planning on hanging out at an All-U-Can-Eat cruise ship to St. Thomas. I might be going to the beach or want to meet friends at a beach bar. So give me some clothes that enhance my curves. What's so difficult about that? If you need help making some plus size clothing let me send you a box of women's tops, bottoms and dresses that missed the mark. Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Wash and Hang Dry: Right! Plus Size Clothing's Nightmare

Has any plus size designer ever hand washed a 5x??? Really. Imagine taking down your bedroom curtains and soaking it in water. No way can I lift something like that and then squeeze the water out from the fibers. Make me plus size clothing that is easy. I want cottons that are not sheer but light and cool fitting. I want plus size tops that I can pack in a suitcase without wrinkles! Ok, I can deal with some ironing but it want it to be my dressy separates that I wear to special occasions. Don't give me everyday hand wash blouses. I work 8 hours, Play 8 hours and sleep 8 hours. I don't my clothes to cut into my play-time. Hey, come over to my house during laundry and check-out what you got me doing. Maybe designers should give us a frequently cleaning card! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Eve was not a size 6: So why not Plus Size her?

Eve was a big curvey girl who has made the world go round! If she is the first example of a plus size woman why doesn't the media and designers respect our icon. Come on! Eve was about a large or even an XL. That girl had a tummy. She looked good for a plus size! She did not have a lot of clothes, lol. A fig leaf here and there, but if Calvin could get between Brooke I am sure he could have with Eve. Can you imagine what Coco could have done with fig leaves for blouses and skirts? Or the lay-out in Vanity Fair, "Eve does Plus Size Clothing while Adam bakes apple pie!". Got to put everything into perspective and not let those airbrushes fool you. Now go out and buy some figs and apples! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curves Ahead! Plus Size Clothing for Women

It looks like everyone is getting on the "curve" for women's plus size clothing. Ten years ago a curve meant a grading scale in high school or a daring turn on the road during driver's education. Now it means hips and waist. Curves are in. Plus is accepted? Or are manufacturers selling and media directors need a job. Is this a campaign to build billions?

There are several young plus size clothing online stores that are serious. Their intentions are to make money of course and to use "Mad Men" to overhaul their product. I like the sound of the word curve. There is a starting point and then a bend in the middle and then an ending point. It is flexible. But the stores that are really using this word are they offering clothing choices? Women need choices for their curves. Some of us want to show them off but others rather cover.

You can find a curvy magazine, curvy gym, curvy dress and some of us can kind a curvy lover. All this depends on your definition of Curves! Lisa Metcalf

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decision Making: Traditional Nails It

I have invited several friends over for a Christmas lunch. I am having a terrible time coming up with a menu and what clothing to wear. The same exercise I use to select the right fashion I tend to use for making a meal. I tend to go over my complete food and garment inventory in my head. I seem to review the items over and over again. In fact I really know what I wanted but I couldn’t commit to something until I have approval from my “inner stress”. Crazy! I know. I have replaced the roasted duck with fresh grill fish. For starters I am making pumpkin curry soup. Each guest will have their own small pumpkin with hot soup inside. Then grilled fish in garlic sauce over yellow rice with almonds. Finally, baked apple pie with cheddar chez melted on top. Now that I got that settled; its time to use this method of decision making on my Christmas outfit. (Go over the complete clothing inventory 20 million times until I realize I have been repeating the same shirt and jacket for the last 10 million times. HA!) I am wearing my annual white lace short top with my red velvet short jacket with my Mother’s gold evergreen tree pendant. Why change a clothing tradition?!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baking the Pants in our Family for the Holiday

I am getting ready to sing in the church holiday Choral Society. I find it gets me into the Christmas spirit and a great excuse to wear those cute light bulb necklaces and red slacks! This year we are going to have a “bake” sale to raise money for the Society. My husband has been begging me to make him his favorite chocolate chip brownies topped with brandy cherries for the Sale. I will make a double batch so there will be enough for him and our son Jon. But then Jon probably wants me to make his favorite, which are butterscotch brownies with vanilla icing. Yummy!

Then there is baking of the holiday sugar cookies to take to our in-laws. I have been making these cookies since Jon was 3 years old. When he was 6, I made sugar cookies shaped like circus animals. But I think my favorite shapes and cookie decorations were the “family” pants. We made bell-bottoms, shorts, bikinis and straight pants. Jon and I decorated them with funny color icing and sprinkles. They were really cute. Jon copied his PJ pants and soccer shorts. I made Dad’s hippie stained jean pants. The best ones were the Bermuda shorts. We made big hibiscus flowers.

I was thinking maybe Jon and I would make shirts and tanks to go with last year’s bottoms!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lost and Found: Plus More!

I took a week off work and it's been raining cats and dogs! Since I can't enjoy a sunny day, I decided to finish unpacking my plus size winter clothes. Guess what I found?! I uncovered "the shirt" I wore when I met my husband! I can't believe I was so skinny! Three children and 7 years of marriage will make you gain some weight, but I tell you what, my husband and children love me just the way I am!

Discovering my lost shirt reminded me when I had a routine walking my dog daily, sometimes 3 times a day! I never thought I would have met the man I married on one of these walks. It seems like just yesterday that we met! Memories are flowing now! My hair was long, I was a size 16, and I wasn’t into fashion. Now I'm a size 26, which doesn't bother me, I have short hair, and consider myself a fashionista!

I still walk the same dog daily, but not 3 times a day. Being married and trying to manage 3 kids keeps me busy. I'm lucky if I can get to a dog boutique with Montana (that's her name). I now wear a pair of women's plus size jeans from Lane Bryant, used tennis shoes, and a plus size blouse from the Gap. These clothes are quick to put on and comfortable to wear since I have to be in and out of stores before its time to cook dinner.

I have a lot of winter clothing! Plus, who says generous woman can't have a wide selection of clothes? I can't help myself! When I see something in a store or online, I just have to get it! I work hard and spoil myself often! Maybe too much! Hehe! And don't get me started on women's clothing discounts!

I'm looking at this big box of winter clothes as if it's calling my name! I don't remember packing my blouse in this box, but I'm happy to have found it! Who knew that putting away my off-season clothes would be soo much fun! I wonder what I'll find next season that I forgot I had!

-Lisa MetCalf

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Basic Instinct: “MUST Haves” in every plus size woman’s closet!

You have to admit, today's fashion for plus size women are better than ever, but making a plus size clothing choice is regularly a puzzling decision. I'll be honest, making sure that I always have something to wear that looks awesomely put together is not easy! Here are some pointers that I have gathered to make sure that you always have what you need to make the process easier.

Make sure you have many cotton under garments because they’ll keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. I have 10 plus size pairs of under garments because I do laundry on the weekends, so I have enough for every day of the week. Make sure you have one in a flesh tone color to wear under white pants/shorts, but you should have at least 3 whites and 3 blacks.

You should have at least five plus size bras that are a great fit. One of your bras should be for exercise, two for daily support, and two for super-support. I have both my daily support and super-support bras in black and the other in white.

You should always have at least one well-tailored plus size suit. Whether you choose a style with a skirt or pants, it should fit beautifully!

If you love to wear pants like me, you should always have at least five professional plus size pairs and seven casual plus size jeans– one for every day you go to work and seven for every day of the week. If you like to wear skirts to work, you can buy three plus size skirts and two plus size pants. In my opinion, clothes with dark colors for the bottom are the most flattering for plus size woman.

I have the most fun shopping for tops! Not only do I have a broad range of clothing options, but there are so many plus size styles to choose from! My advice to you is to get at least 15 must have plus size tops for each season. If you can't do 15, then choose at least 5 plus size tops. You should always have one sexy plus size top in black, one plus size white blouse, one flattering shirt in a bright color, and one comfortable striped shirt.

In case you didn't know, your best friends are clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned!

Follow these plus size clothing guidelines and you'll have a wardrobe that is flattering to your plus size body when you have little time to spend. Whether you're a size 1x or 5x, you’ll benefit from these must have items! Now, take an inventory of your closet and go SHOPPING!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I used to have problems shopping for 'plus size' woman clothes! All the local stores where I live usually carry clothes that have huge bright flowers on a blouse, street scenes from New York, or other graphics that target a younger crowd. I really didn't want to wear those types of trends for a woman of my age. As you know, woman of 'plus size' have large arms, and while I like to say, it carries power, I don't want a blouse cutting off my circulation. Finding plus size woman clothes of good quality from these local retailers is time consuming, because I never find what I want. When I do find something that fits, the material clings to my body and makes me feel uncomfortable.

So far, I am a satisfied plus size woman of 'Comfort in Fashion'. I no longer spend hours going from store to store trying to find relaxed plus size clothing in my size. Comfort in Fashion has sizes in 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. Their clothes are made of high-grade quality, which allows circulation to my arms and it doesn’t cling to my body. I love that I can find fashionable plus size woman clothes targeted for my age, so I don’t have to feel embarrassed by a yellow blouse with white flowers that's obviously for teens.

- Lisa MetCalf

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion at Middle School!: Sharing Plus Size Clothing Resources

This past Friday there was a party at my son's school. Given he just started Middle School and feels so grown up being in the 6th grade, he didn’t want to let down his friends, since he did promise them he was going to be there.

I slipped on my favorite white plus skirt and my "all-time-favorite" plus size top that hides my tummy. I looked stylish for a plus size woman. This reminds me, I need to teach my son about matching his clothes because he put on some red pants and a purple shirt. Talk about fashion failure! For now, I'll just let him be himself and have his own clothing style.

When we got to school, there was a DJ playing, concession stands, and a huge blow-up slide! Children were dancing, playing "tag-you're-it," and standing in what seemed to be a huge line to get on the slide. I quickly made friends with a few women who loved my shirt and wanted to know where I got it. They were surprised to hear that I bought my plus size blouse at an online store, in a size 3x, at discount ! In fact, these new women friend's loved the quality of the fabric and plus the fit.

I told the ladies to look online at for classic fitting clothing in plus sizes 1x to 5x. Since they trust my taste for plus size women's clothing, we exchanged numbers. I thought I would entertain them to a fashion clothing party at my house! I can’t wait to show these women my closet full of clothes! Well, maybe I’ll just bring a few women's shirts, pants and separates. I don't want to overwhelm these plus size women with my FABOULOUS collection of clothing so soon!

- Lisa MetCalf

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Plus Size Clothing for Women: Clothes and Cotton

I also love cotton. I tend to wear more cotton year round than I do rayon. I like to work in both fabrics. Sometimes they dyes will hold their true color in cotton. But there is a world of choices when it comes to cotton for women's plus size clothing. Most women who are plus size 1x - 5x do not shop for thick or sheer cotton. Most women want to reduce the amount of heat they are burning off. So women don't want to add clothing that increases to the 'fire'.

I like a cotton that is above a sheer and 2 steps down from a thick. It is called 'cotton prima' and prima loves to be dyed and printed! It has a wonderful weave that goes like a crossword puzzle grid. This holds the integrity of the fibers and strengthens clothing in the wash.

When you are shopping for women\'s cotton plus size clothing tug at the fabric. The amount of resistance will tell you what kind of quality you are about to purchase. Go for the best. You have to wash and wear these clothes. And shopping for plus size clothing is not easy. So when you find something you love 'catch the wave' and ride it home! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Women's Plus Size Clothing: Discussion on Rayon

I really love fabric. I tend to be attracted to rayon. I like the drape of rayon on a body. It is especially attractive on plus size women. In the past rayon got a bad report card, however today rayon made in Asia is made from regenerated wood pulp fiber. Women with a pear shape can benefit from plus size clothing cut and sewn from rayon. It does not hug the body and does not sit on the "back shelf". There is a really nice rayon that feels like silk called viscose. Women's plus size clothing made from this travels well and is a bit more classy.

If you haven't wore rayon clothing, try it. I suggest you don't buy a cheap rayon plus size blouse. It is worth spending more for quality. There is a difference.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

FYI - Plus Size on Wall Street

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--As retailers' selection of clothing size narrows, plus-size retailer Charming Shoppes Inc. (CHRS) is stepping in to try to pick up the slack, or slacks.

In a consumer spending crunch, retailers like Old Navy, owned by Gap Inc. (GPS), and AnnTaylor Stores Corp. (ANN) are offering their plus-size apparel only online. An Ann Taylor representative said the move was because of low demand in their stores. And industry experts say it involves extra work and a different process for private-label retailers to produce plus-size clothing, because the clothing should be fitted differently, instead of just sized up.

But specialty retailer Charming Shoppes is revamping its core plus-size brands, with the help of new management led by recently hired Chief Executive and President James Fogarty, known as a turnaround specialist after serving as managing director of restructuring firm Alvarez & Marshal. Charming Shoppes' main brands are Lane Bryant and Catherines, along with Fashion Bug, which has both plus and misses sizes. The company has moved to make Lane Bryant more fashion-conscious, which brand President Brian Woolf first saw as a risk.

"We were almost afraid of the fashion side of the business," he said. "Now we're driving the business with fashion and trends."

Investors have reacted well to change in the company's management and approach. In just the last five months, shares have risen more than eight times in value since hitting a year low of 45 cents in early March, and are now changing hands at $4.34. Over the same period, the S&P 500 has risen 31.9%

The company also plans to produce more of the clothing it sells, which Woolf said he expects to happen around 2010.

About two-thirds of the U.S. is either overweight or obese, a significant demographic for retailers to direct away from their stores or even ignore. While growth in the numbers has leveled out over recent years, the average U.S. woman remains around 5'4" and 164 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Kat Fay, an analyst with market research firm Mintel, said the plus-size market is "grossly under-served."

"Women are not very happy with the selection," she said. "They find it very difficult to shop."

Consumer dissatisfaction, which has been a constant in the plus-size market, could leave room for retailers like Charming Shoppes to grab more of a fragmented market. It is spearheading the effort with changes at Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. At Fashion Bug, the store has limited its size selection from 6 to 30. And some experts say Lane Bryant's focus on fashion has started to pay off.

The brand's merchandise margin has improved despite a 13% drop in same-store sales in the first quarter, meaning that for the customers who do shop at the store, the company doesn't have to mark down its merchandise very far.

It is "the first glimpse this strategy is working," said Christopher Kim, an analyst with J.P. Morgan. But he rates the stock at neutral because the company's short-term results might be weak.

The company also said in its first-quarter conference call that it had inventory problems at Lane Bryant because of increased demand for more trendy items. Woolf said that a new advertising strategy had been more effective than expected, and the company has adapted.

"We've made our adjustments in terms of the product assortment going forward," he said.

But plus-size clothing has taken the biggest hit in consumer spending over the past year, falling 9.6%, according to a report by NPD Group Inc., compared with a 5.1% drop in all women's clothing. Kim says sales might have fallen not because the women don't want to shop, but because the women have fewer options because of cuts in size selection from retailers and department stores.

Charming Shoppes hopes to attract the shoppers that shy away from Lane Bryant's trendy fashion to its conservative brand, called Catherines. And for bargain hunters, the company is emphasizing low prices at Fashion Bug.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 tips for better breasts health:
1. Always wear a bra of right size and right shape.
2. While choosing a bra never ignore soreness and swelling that it may cause.
3. Get rid of your "breast binding habits" Do not wear bra for more than 12 hours a day.
4. Never sleep in your bra. This way you can avoid breasts cancer.
5. If your breasts have developed lumps, cysts and tenderness then do not get alarmed. Get rid of your bra for most of the times and soon those symptoms will vanish.
6. Regular breasts massage, bicycle riding, vitamins, and minerals improve your breasts health.
7. Whenever you pull away your bra massage your breasts for a while and breathe deeply.
8. Drink purified water. It may also improve your breasts health a lot.
9. Never wear a tight bra. Whenever possible wherever possible be braless.
10. Take it off at home.. Let your breasts bounce and move freely. Every bounce and every movement gently massages the breasts and increases lymphatic flow.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Plus Size Women Clothing Store Creates a Stretch Collection

Comfort in Fashion, a womens plus size clothing store, recently introduced its stretch collection. Designer Stephen Hadley said, --I have been thinking about this collection for a long time. It is a great fit for women who are in between sizes or just want more room without an excess of fabric at their chest and arms.

The plus size womens clothing collection features smocking and hidden elastic that can stretch up to 3-4 inches. Hadley said, --When you do not need the added stretch the fabric is relaxed. Then when you do its there for you!-- The stretch collection is available in tops and dresses.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

New and Trendy Women's Plus Size Clothing: Comfy, Casual, Cool

Our new Collection of plus size clothing is now online. It was a wonderful artistic journey to design 12 new fabrics and 16 new styles. It's really important for larger women to feel cool and at the same time look great. We cut and sewed batik cottons and rayon prints. And this time we added some hidden stretch to give you more fit when you are in between sizes.

My connection with the batikers on this trip was of inner sensibility. We really grew to understand the various shades and hues of summer and fall colors for women's plus size tops. Although we had to make many testings the final results are fantastic. Designing plus size fabrics for me is truly a rewarding experience. Knowing that I just created a super looking clothing that will be cut and sewn into a blouse for a dressy occasions gives me deep satisfaction.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

BCA Tees by "Save the Cupcakes"

Breast cancer awareness Tees for a cure by Save the Cupcakes. We carry plus sizes, too.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

New and Trendy Women's Plus Size Clothing: Comfy, Casual, Cool


Many of new blouses are made from cotton and organic rayon. Our women's plus size clothing fit plus size 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogging and Designing for Plus Size Women

As the designer for plus size clothing and now blogger, I am looking forward to writing my thoughts. I hope I can inspire others. I have been writing for years but I have never had the opportunity to discuss myself in relationship to working with plus size women.

Firstly, I love what I do. I love providing a service that makes women feel great about their size. It's a complicated journey as a designer but not really. Once you open your eyes and heart the designs flow right in. Sure it is easier to sketch small, medium and large but for me that would not get me too far.

Plus size fit has its challenges. After years of pattern making and mistakes I have found the secret to fit and comfort.

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