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Monday, February 15, 2010

Color and Plus Size Clothing

Who is the beholder of the color wheel? Who is creating those color trends? Why are bold solids the only option sometimes for plus size clothing for women. I like red but I don't to walk around the world promoting Valentine Day everyday! And this NYC black thing going on. What is that all about??? Most women in New York City look like they are going to a funeral. It's chic, but 24/7 not. Then there is yellow. I love that color but only when I am on vacation at the beach. I need a tan to wear it. Most of the time I am white white and more white. Give me some teal but touches of it. How about some steel blue or touches of coral? I don't need ruffles but nice slender lines. I have nice legs and shoulders. Let's talk about my best features. Don't put a drawstring at my belly!!! Really. That is my biggest asset and I don't want to focus on that! Enough said. I think I am gonna make some tie-dye blouses! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Give Me Some Style! Sacking Plus Size Clothing

Listen I can't cut and sew, BUT if I could I would not make sacks for plus size clothing. What's up with that??? I have taste, I have style and I have more that is probably legal by the Fashion Police. I need more that a hole for my head and two holes for my arms. I want shirts and blouses with color but not loud prints. I don't consider my body a billboard for the African jungle or Caribbean tours! Some nice embellishments but not tacky. I am not planning on hanging out at an All-U-Can-Eat cruise ship to St. Thomas. I might be going to the beach or want to meet friends at a beach bar. So give me some clothes that enhance my curves. What's so difficult about that? If you need help making some plus size clothing let me send you a box of women's tops, bottoms and dresses that missed the mark. Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Wash and Hang Dry: Right! Plus Size Clothing's Nightmare

Has any plus size designer ever hand washed a 5x??? Really. Imagine taking down your bedroom curtains and soaking it in water. No way can I lift something like that and then squeeze the water out from the fibers. Make me plus size clothing that is easy. I want cottons that are not sheer but light and cool fitting. I want plus size tops that I can pack in a suitcase without wrinkles! Ok, I can deal with some ironing but it want it to be my dressy separates that I wear to special occasions. Don't give me everyday hand wash blouses. I work 8 hours, Play 8 hours and sleep 8 hours. I don't my clothes to cut into my play-time. Hey, come over to my house during laundry and check-out what you got me doing. Maybe designers should give us a frequently cleaning card! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Eve was not a size 6: So why not Plus Size her?

Eve was a big curvey girl who has made the world go round! If she is the first example of a plus size woman why doesn't the media and designers respect our icon. Come on! Eve was about a large or even an XL. That girl had a tummy. She looked good for a plus size! She did not have a lot of clothes, lol. A fig leaf here and there, but if Calvin could get between Brooke I am sure he could have with Eve. Can you imagine what Coco could have done with fig leaves for blouses and skirts? Or the lay-out in Vanity Fair, "Eve does Plus Size Clothing while Adam bakes apple pie!". Got to put everything into perspective and not let those airbrushes fool you. Now go out and buy some figs and apples! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Short and Long: Plus Size Version

I like a short length in my blouses and my girlfriend likes them long. I was reading some posts on Facebook and it was about 50/50 - half want to cover their buttocks and half do not want extra fabric. It must be difficult to supply a wide range of plus size clothing for every need. However, designers need to listen to customers and not trends. Most of us are not attending the red carpet in Hollywood. And if I was I still would not be wearing what Pantone says is the color of the year. The best color of the year is the color that looks good on me.

So what is my point? As buyers of clothing for larger size women its great to have choices. Online stores need to continue to offer clothes in a variety of lengths, sizing and color. Isn't the customer always right? And that is the short version of the long! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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