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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lost and Found: Plus More!

I took a week off work and it's been raining cats and dogs! Since I can't enjoy a sunny day, I decided to finish unpacking my plus size winter clothes. Guess what I found?! I uncovered "the shirt" I wore when I met my husband! I can't believe I was so skinny! Three children and 7 years of marriage will make you gain some weight, but I tell you what, my husband and children love me just the way I am!

Discovering my lost shirt reminded me when I had a routine walking my dog daily, sometimes 3 times a day! I never thought I would have met the man I married on one of these walks. It seems like just yesterday that we met! Memories are flowing now! My hair was long, I was a size 16, and I wasn’t into fashion. Now I'm a size 26, which doesn't bother me, I have short hair, and consider myself a fashionista!

I still walk the same dog daily, but not 3 times a day. Being married and trying to manage 3 kids keeps me busy. I'm lucky if I can get to a dog boutique with Montana (that's her name). I now wear a pair of women's plus size jeans from Lane Bryant, used tennis shoes, and a plus size blouse from the Gap. These clothes are quick to put on and comfortable to wear since I have to be in and out of stores before its time to cook dinner.

I have a lot of winter clothing! Plus, who says generous woman can't have a wide selection of clothes? I can't help myself! When I see something in a store or online, I just have to get it! I work hard and spoil myself often! Maybe too much! Hehe! And don't get me started on women's clothing discounts!

I'm looking at this big box of winter clothes as if it's calling my name! I don't remember packing my blouse in this box, but I'm happy to have found it! Who knew that putting away my off-season clothes would be soo much fun! I wonder what I'll find next season that I forgot I had!

-Lisa MetCalf

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Basic Instinct: “MUST Haves” in every plus size woman’s closet!

You have to admit, today's fashion for plus size women are better than ever, but making a plus size clothing choice is regularly a puzzling decision. I'll be honest, making sure that I always have something to wear that looks awesomely put together is not easy! Here are some pointers that I have gathered to make sure that you always have what you need to make the process easier.

Make sure you have many cotton under garments because they’ll keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. I have 10 plus size pairs of under garments because I do laundry on the weekends, so I have enough for every day of the week. Make sure you have one in a flesh tone color to wear under white pants/shorts, but you should have at least 3 whites and 3 blacks.

You should have at least five plus size bras that are a great fit. One of your bras should be for exercise, two for daily support, and two for super-support. I have both my daily support and super-support bras in black and the other in white.

You should always have at least one well-tailored plus size suit. Whether you choose a style with a skirt or pants, it should fit beautifully!

If you love to wear pants like me, you should always have at least five professional plus size pairs and seven casual plus size jeans– one for every day you go to work and seven for every day of the week. If you like to wear skirts to work, you can buy three plus size skirts and two plus size pants. In my opinion, clothes with dark colors for the bottom are the most flattering for plus size woman.

I have the most fun shopping for tops! Not only do I have a broad range of clothing options, but there are so many plus size styles to choose from! My advice to you is to get at least 15 must have plus size tops for each season. If you can't do 15, then choose at least 5 plus size tops. You should always have one sexy plus size top in black, one plus size white blouse, one flattering shirt in a bright color, and one comfortable striped shirt.

In case you didn't know, your best friends are clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned!

Follow these plus size clothing guidelines and you'll have a wardrobe that is flattering to your plus size body when you have little time to spend. Whether you're a size 1x or 5x, you’ll benefit from these must have items! Now, take an inventory of your closet and go SHOPPING!

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