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Monday, August 10, 2009

Plus Size Clothing for Women: Clothes and Cotton

I also love cotton. I tend to wear more cotton year round than I do rayon. I like to work in both fabrics. Sometimes they dyes will hold their true color in cotton. But there is a world of choices when it comes to cotton for women's plus size clothing. Most women who are plus size 1x - 5x do not shop for thick or sheer cotton. Most women want to reduce the amount of heat they are burning off. So women don't want to add clothing that increases to the 'fire'.

I like a cotton that is above a sheer and 2 steps down from a thick. It is called 'cotton prima' and prima loves to be dyed and printed! It has a wonderful weave that goes like a crossword puzzle grid. This holds the integrity of the fibers and strengthens clothing in the wash.

When you are shopping for women\'s cotton plus size clothing tug at the fabric. The amount of resistance will tell you what kind of quality you are about to purchase. Go for the best. You have to wash and wear these clothes. And shopping for plus size clothing is not easy. So when you find something you love 'catch the wave' and ride it home! Lisa Metcalf for Women's Plus Size Clothing

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Women's Plus Size Clothing: Discussion on Rayon

I really love fabric. I tend to be attracted to rayon. I like the drape of rayon on a body. It is especially attractive on plus size women. In the past rayon got a bad report card, however today rayon made in Asia is made from regenerated wood pulp fiber. Women with a pear shape can benefit from plus size clothing cut and sewn from rayon. It does not hug the body and does not sit on the "back shelf". There is a really nice rayon that feels like silk called viscose. Women's plus size clothing made from this travels well and is a bit more classy.

If you haven't wore rayon clothing, try it. I suggest you don't buy a cheap rayon plus size blouse. It is worth spending more for quality. There is a difference.

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